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Event Site Category Date Time
OA Ceremonies Meeting St Antony's Episcopal Church OA Event 10/1/2015   (Thu) 7:00 PM
ILST Lockin VFW Hall Training 10/2/2015   (Fri) 6:00 PM
VFW Hall Cleanup VFW Hall Chore 10/3/2015   (Sat) 9:00 AM
Personal Fitness Merit Badge Lesson - 2 VFW Hall Special Event 10/5/2015   (Mon) 6:00 PM
Troop/Committee Meeting VFW Hall Meeting 10/5/2015   (Mon) 7:00 PM
Webelos-ree final coordination Meeting VFW Hall Meeting 10/7/2015   (Wed) 7:00 PM
Merit Badge Clinic Committee Silverdale Lutheran Church Meeting 10/8/2015   (Thu) 6:30 PM
Pack Check VFW Hall Meeting 10/8/2015   (Thu) 7:00 PM
Round Table Silverdale Lutheran Church Training 10/8/2015   (Thu) 7:00 PM
Wood Badge Edward Training 10/9/2015   (Fri)
Webelos-Ree Parsons Campout 10/9/2015   (Fri) 4:30 PM
Alex B - Tenderfoot VFW Hall Board of Review 10/12/2015   (Mon) 6:30 PM
Troop Meeting VFW Hall Meeting 10/12/2015   (Mon) 7:00 PM
ASM Meeting Los Cabos Restaurant Meeting 10/13/2015   (Tue) 5:30 PM
OA Chapter Meeting First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo OA Event 10/14/2015   (Wed) 7:00 PM
Pack Check VFW Hall Meeting 10/15/2015   (Thu) 7:00 PM
Scout Skills Camporee Hahobas Campout 10/16/2015   (Fri) 4:30 PM
PTC Other Training 10/17/2015   (Sat)
Caden H - Star VFW Hall Board of Review 10/19/2015   (Mon) 6:30 PM
Troop Meeting VFW Hall Meeting 10/19/2015   (Mon) 7:00 PM
Pack Check VFW Hall Meeting 10/22/2015   (Thu) 7:00 PM
Zombie Apocalypse Fort Flagler State Park Campout 10/23/2015   (Fri) 4:30 PM
VFW Steak Night VFW Hall Service Project 10/23/2015   (Fri) 5:00 PM
Scout Specific Training (District) Silverdale Lutheran Church Training 10/24/2015   (Sat)
Zombie Apocalypse Support Fort Flagler State Park Special Event 10/24/2015   (Sat) 9:00 AM
Fort Flagler Service Project Fort Flagler State Park Service Project 10/24/2015   (Sat) 10:00 AM
PLC VFW Hall Meeting 10/26/2015   (Mon) 6:00 PM
Hayden P - Second Class VFW Hall Board of Review 10/26/2015   (Mon) 6:30 PM
Troop Meeting VFW Hall Meeting 10/26/2015   (Mon) 7:00 PM
Key 3 Meeting Round Table Meeting 10/28/2015   (Wed) 5:45 PM

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