Tour an Aircraft Carrier  
8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
0830 Muster at VFW Hall 0845 Depart VFW for Bremerton 0915 Arrival and ready to go on the Pier 0930-1100 Tour 1100-1130 Lunch and depart 1) Our STENNIS POC on 6 Dec will be "Supply Duty Officer", LT David Wright, ( 2) Lunch Costs $3.85 per person, so we will collect $4 per person. We need to have one person collect cash, and we will pay for lunch once as a group to LT Wright. 3) List of names and non-decal vehicles will go to Naval Base Kitsap PAO and STENNIS Security. 4) These folks are family friendly, But we need to identify by name any children accompanying who are younger than nine years old. If there are parents and siblings, they need to know to wear long pants, close-toed shoes are mandatory, and no heels.

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