Webelos Day Camp  
7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Kitsap County Fairgrounds
Webelos Adventure - Need Adult and Scout helpers - Teach campsite selection and how to erect tent Knots 101 - Need Adult and Scout helpers - Teach knots (square, tautline, two half hitch, bowline, clove) First Aid Triage - Need Adult & Older Scouts - Teach basic first aid to Webelos Cast Iron Cooking - Need Adult and Scout helpers - Teach Webelos to make Moose stew and frybread using cast iron Art in the Park - Scouts will teach Webelos the fun of creating art outdoors
Mt Hinman Climb  
4:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Mt. Hinman is truly a beautiful climbing objective. It is, however, remote by any approach route. Count on a three-day excursion by either approach, especially with the closure of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road above Dingford Creek. From the south, one can travel up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley, past the Dutch Miller Gap peaks, past Williams Lake, and up the long, white talus fields into Chain Lakes Basin. This is truly a beautiful camping spot. The other approach is from US Highway 2 in the north, up the Necklace Valley. Either way, be prepared for some really nasty mosquitos, but also for some wonderfully isolated climbing. The remoteness will ensure that Hinman is climbed by only a couple of dozen parties a year. Attendance of mountaineering training is required. In addition, previous climbing experience, proficiency of ice axe use and general mountaineering skills will assessed for those attending. This climb is limited to a party of 12. We ask that adult sign up be limited to 4-5 to insure more Scouts can attend. Final 12 will be selected by sign up time and mountaineering skills ability.

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