2/20/2010 (7:00 AM)  -  2/21/2010
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park
Snow Camping Adventure Weekend Details:
When: Saturday, February 20th, 2010 – Sunday February 21st, 2010
Where: Paradise on Mount Rainer, Group Camp Site: Deadhorse Creek Camp ground (map attached)
• Units must file their own tour permits, provide their own menus, transportation etc.
• Getting into the national park is $15.00, or you must have an annual parks pass, they take debit cards.
• Winter travel conditions will exist (duh) and Mt. Rainer requires that you carry emergency supplies, and tire changes (even for all wheel drive vehicles), BE PREPARED!
• Cascade District will provide hot drinks at the warming hut during specific hours on Saturday and Sunday, as well as assistance to units who are new to snow camping, let’s all learn together!
• We must enter the park as a group, so all attendees must assemble at the Longmire Ranger Station (map attached) at 9am Saturday morning, we will check in, and head up as a group. CAR POOL, parking can be a challenge so fill all your seat belts. We cannot go up until the road opens, so be prepared to sit if the road requires significant plowing.
• Sunday, we’ll clean up our site, collapse our snow shelters and then head down. We cannot leave until the road is open on Sunday morning, so your specific return time on Sunday will vary, we’ll get the coffee and hot chocolate going early. NOTE: if for some reason (rare as it may be), the road cannot be opened on Sunday, we’re stuck, so again, BE PREPARED!!
• The park asked me to remind participants Don’t set your parking break, it might freeze, and you’re stuck.
• Special Notice: Winter Camping Food Storage
o Habituated Cascade foxes and other wildlife have been obtaining winter campers' food throughout the Paradise area. This has resulted in damage to camping equipment and increasingly persistent and aggressive wildlife behavior.

Proper food storage is required at all times when camping. All campers must manage food, garbage and scented items to keep them out of reach of wildlife, it is required you secure them in an approved hard-sided container (5-gallon plastic buckets with tight-fitting lids, or manufactured wildlife resistant food containers).

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