1/8/2010 (4:30 PM)  -  1/10/2010
Kitsap County Fairgrounds
Bringing home the Bling-

1st place Knot relay
1st place Bear Bag

1st place Bow Saw relay
2nd place Knot Relay
2nd place Fishing for Snappers
2nd place Stretcher relay
3rd place Boil an Egg
3rd place Blindfold tent raising
3rd place Burn the String

1st place Strecher Relay
2nd place Penguin Bowling
2nd place Bear Bag
2nd place Centipede race
3rd place Fishing for Snappers
3rd place First Aid relay
3rd place 2 man relay

1st place Burn the String
1st place Centipede race
2nd place Boil an Egg
3rd place Knot relay
3rd place Melt Ice & Snow
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