6/25/2010 (4:00 PM)  -  6/27/2010
Upper Lena Lake
The hike is very popular one and easy to get to, so expect to see several hikers on summer weekends and holidays. The trail is quite wide in the beginning and is very well maintained the entire route. A series of gentle sloping switch-backs will be found after the first .25 miles, but they are easy to traverse and weave through quiet, deep woods of 2nd grow Fir and Cedar. You will cross several bridges along the way, but most river beds are dry in late summer. Approximately .5 mi. from the lake, the trail splits to the left, for Upper Lena Lake. If you brought Fido, you will enter the Olympic National Park approximately 1/2 mile past Lower Lena and dogs are not allowed in the Park, so keep the pup at Lower Lena. The trail eventually opens up to a spectacular mountain lake, with several campsites along the west shore and heavy boulders on the eastern side. Many hikers dive off these rocks, but caution is the word of the day. Overall - a GREAT hike for all!

Just over 3 miles each way, 1200' elevation gain - easy first backpack
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