5/25/2010  6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Silverdale Lutheran Church
As most all of you are aware we have April 13th on our calendar for the Orca Recognition Event to be held at the Silverdale Lutheran Church. Last week we came to the realization that it is only a couple of weeks away and we donít have much planning started nor do we have many nominations for awards submitted. So, while we could have overcome the planning element and pulled a rabbit out of our collective hats, it is far harder and makes less sense to do so unless we have the folks to recognize. So, this is what we have done; postponed the event to May 25th, gathering at 6 pm and dinner / ceremony at 6:30 at the Silverdale Lutheran Church. There will be child watch as in previous years for $1 per child as in previous years. Tickets will go on sale next week at Roundtable and be available at the Scout Shop but ticket reservations can be sent to Tracy Raymond or Linda Anderson.

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