12/11/2010  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Vertical World
We have 1 Veritcal World staff belayer and any other belayers we bring with us.

Class "B" Uniform

$15/person (shoes and harness included).

It would be VERY helpful (and quicker and therefore more climbing) if EVERYONE has the waivers filled out and signed by a parent before we arrive. To obtain the waiver, click the link below, print it out, fill it out, have your parent sign it, and BRING IT WITH YOU on Saturday.

Click here to Download the Vertical World Waiver Form (PDF)

In order to belay, you just need to go to the gym and take their test at least a day beforehand. I'd recommend at least 1 belayer/4 boys. That way we'll get to do a bunch of climbing.

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