7/6/2012 (3:30 PM)  -  7/8/2012
Third Beach
Ocean views, sea stacks (offshore land formations). There are excellent opportunities to view bald eagles and seals, and bird life is common on sea stacks.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.4 mile (Each way).
Elevation change: 240 feet elevation loss on the way in (Gain on the way out).
Best Season: Year round

Meet at the Scout Hall by 3:30 PM Friday to leave no later than 4:00 PM. Bring a sack dinner for Friday night and $15 for Sunday lunch on the way home.

GPS Route Details
Start Coordinates: 47.890488, -124.599693
Total distance: 10.07 Miles
Max Elevation: 281.14 Feet
Vertical Gain: 2,374.84 Feet
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