5/17/2013 (4:30 PM)  -  5/19/2013
Olympic National Forest
This is first of the Mountaineering events planned for this year. There will be two groups of scouts attending the climb. The first group will be making this a day hike while car camping at a base camp. They will be learning basic ice axe and climbing skills. The second group will stay at base camp the first night and then will leave early in the morning to back pack to a base camp on the mountain. There they will set up camp then meet with the other group to finish the ascent. This group will remain on the mountain for the night and will hike back to meet with the remaining group in the morning. If you plan on attending the Brother's or Mt. Adams climb, staying on the mountain is a pre requisite.

Recommended equipment:

Good pair of waterproof boots

Troop will provide ice axes.

GPS Route Details
Start Coordinates: 47.506870, -123.231758
Total distance: 5.92 Miles
Max Elevation: 5,891.99 Feet
Vertical Gain: 4,484.94 Feet
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