6/21/2016  -  7/6/2016
Philmont Scout Ranch
Itinerary 1

Is your crew looking for a program packed itinerary in addition to seeing the sunset at Philmont’s highest camp? Look no further.
This trek begins by exploring Philmont's newest property addition, the Cimarroncita Ranch. Enjoy views of Baldy from Minnette
Meadows. Hike through Ute Park pass before rock climbing at Cimarroncito. From there, visit the Demonstration Forest and the
cool hike up the North Fork Cimarroncito Creek will let you focus on the wildflowers and aspens instead of the heat. At Cyphers
Mine, Charlie Cyphers and his miners will teach you how to blacksmith, mine for gold, and treat you to mining music at night!
Next, the trek up Mount Phillips will be challenging, but seeing the sunset over Wheeler Peak and the Moreno Valley will be an
unparalleled reward. You will then meet the mountain men of Clear Creek while shooting .50 caliber muzzle loading rifles before
resting at Comanche Creek Camp for the night. From there you will learn how the homesteaders made a living in the mountains at
Crooked Creek. At Apache Springs, you will shoot 3-D animal archery targets, learn the ways of the Jicarilla Apache, and work on a
campsite improvement conservation project. Enjoy the hike down the Agua Fria to Fish camp where you will tour Mr. Phillips'
fishing lodge, learn how to tie flies, and fish the same waters that he loved so dearly. Enjoy the hike down Rayado Canyon past
Lookout, Crater, and Rayado Peaks on your way to the Notch, and then help the staff at Carson Meadows with an important
search and rescue mission. From there, enjoy a delicious Mexican dinner and a cool root beer at the Abreu cantina, but be sure to
prepare yourself for the final leg of your journey… Lovers Leap and the Tooth of Time!

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*Matthew Kelley
Daniel Dabney
Myron David
Caleb Finnegan
Chris Kelley
David King
J.J. Mottner
James Mullen

*Ben Maxwell
Josh Cornish
Sam Hood
Jacob Klein
Cayden Ross
J.J. Stepan
Sterling Wagoner
Tom Bougan
Steve Finnegan
John Dabney

Michael Maxwell
Josh Wagoner
Jason Hood
Celeste Cornish


GPS Route Details
Start Coordinates: 36.5601726808, -105.0888190325
Total distance: 66.30 Miles
Max Elevation: 11,778.81 Feet
Vertical Gain: 15,428.84 Feet

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