3/13/2015 (4:30 PM)  -  3/15/2015
Rules and concepts - the boys will be cooking 5 meals total- 1 must be over an open fire, and 1 in a dutch oven -- their choice, but they will get their ingredients on Friday Night after arriving at camp- they have to plan all 5 meals and cook dinner that night- Saturday Lunch is over an open fire, but they can choose which meal they want to use the Dutch oven on-

Patrol Pantry
Items that MUST be used over the course of the weekend (e.g. Rice, hamburger)

Troop Pantry
Items here are optional (and shared so dont use them all up) (e.g. syrup, soy sauce)

Mystery Ingredients (one per meal)
Extra points awarded if used in the meal-- (wouldn't you like to know?)

The adults will be the judges, so the boys have to cook one extra portion for each meal that will be used for judging)
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