8/28/2015 (4:30 PM)  -  8/30/2015
Milk Creek
Have you ever wondered if those 10 essentials are really essential?- this backpack to Milk Creek gives the boys a chance to find out as they will have to ‘survive’ on them for 24 hours as part of this trip- they will have a standard backpack on Friday night, then we take away all but the 10 essentials on Saturday AM- there will also be some ‘survivor games’ where they boys can win food or supplies based on their skills/knowledge- and they can also earn the Wilderness Survival MB

GPS Route Details
Start Coordinates: 47.8774801176, -123.1371454988
Total distance: 9.30 Miles
Max Elevation: 3,378.31 Feet
Vertical Gain: 1,676.28 Feet
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