6/14/2019 (4:30 PM)  -  6/16/2019
Elevation 6547
Elevation Gain 3900
Hibox Mountain is a scramble of 8 miles with 3,900 feet of gain.

Start at Rachel Lake trailhead. Reach the scramble route start at 3,300 ft in 45 minutes. You'll pass through a brushy area from which you can see the summit and then head into the forest. Once in the forest there is an obvious boot path heading northeast up the slope. Follow the path up towards the summit. The path gets fairly steep and after about 500 feet of elevation gain, the trail enters a small clearing. Stay right and be careful not to lose the trail towards the summit.

As you climb towards the summit there is a rock band at about 5,300 feet. Go right around the band following the trail to a large sloping meadow. Climb up and then slightly right, lining up roughly with the right (south) side of the summit block. This leads into a very loose talus/scree field (watch for falling rocks). Follow thready boot path up to the south side of Hibox summit block. Do not ascend the obvious gully on the southwest side of the summit block; rather keep right as you climb. As you approach the summit block, there is a short notch that runs up to the rock above. There is some exposure, but the rock is good, and the scramble to the summit is easy from this point.

Attendance of mountaineering training is required. In addition, previous climbing experience, proficiency of ice axe use and general mountaineering skills will assessed for those attending. This climb is limited to a party of 12. We ask that adult sign up be limited to 4-5 to insure more Scouts can attend. Final 12 will be selected by sign up time and mountaineering skills ability.

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