9/20/2004  6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Directions: Take Newberry Hill exit going west off of Highway 3. Continue to the end of Newberry Hill. At the flashing RED light, turnleft on to Seabeck Highway. At the SECOND AMBER flashing light, turn right on to Holly Road. Go about 1.9 miles and turn right at the aqua colored bus shelter onto Trillium Lane. There are a whole lot of mailboxes in front of the shelter. There are a total of SIX UNMARKED speed bumps on Trillium and they are not easy to see, especially if it is raining. Continue on Trillium, always keeping to the right on the paved road. At the gate, you can press the buttons to ring the house but if you remember to take these directions, push the gate combination #0852. Once you have passed the gated entrance, continue onthe pavement. When you reach the gravel, continue on. Again, keep to the right. We are the last house on the right...a gray green color with white trim. No lawn yet. It gets cool in the evening so bring warm jackets.
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