VFW Hall

9981 Central Valley Road
Silverdale, WA   98383
MeetingTroop Meeting10/27/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting10/22/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting10/20/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/17/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting10/13/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting10/6/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting9/29/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting9/24/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting9/22/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/19/2025
Special EventCourt of Honor9/15/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting9/8/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting9/1/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting9/1/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting8/27/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting8/25/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting8/18/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/15/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting8/11/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting8/4/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting7/28/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting7/23/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting7/21/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/18/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting7/14/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting7/7/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/30/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/25/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/25/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/23/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/23/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/20/2025
Special EventCourt of Honor6/16/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/16/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/2/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting6/2/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting5/28/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting5/28/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/26/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/26/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/19/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/19/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/16/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/12/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/12/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/5/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting5/5/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/28/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/28/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting4/23/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting4/23/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/21/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/21/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/18/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/14/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/14/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/7/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting4/7/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/31/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/31/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting3/26/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting3/26/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/24/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/24/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/21/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/17/2025
Special EventCourt of Honor3/17/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/10/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/10/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/3/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting3/3/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting2/26/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting2/26/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/24/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/24/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/21/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/17/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/17/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/10/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/10/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/3/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting2/3/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/27/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/27/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting1/22/2025
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting1/22/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/20/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/20/2025
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/17/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/13/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/13/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/6/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting1/6/2025
MeetingTroop Meeting12/30/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/30/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting12/25/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting12/25/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/23/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/23/2024
Special EventCourt of Honor12/16/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/16/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/9/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/9/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/2/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting12/2/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting11/27/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting11/27/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/25/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/25/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/18/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/18/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/11/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/11/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/4/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting11/4/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting10/28/2024
MeetingPack Check10/24/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting10/23/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting10/21/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/18/2024
Special EventJOTI/JOTA10/18/2024 - 10/20/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting10/14/2024
MeetingPack Check10/10/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party10/9/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting10/7/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting9/30/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting9/25/2024
Special EventCourt of Honor9/23/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/20/2024
MeetingPack Check9/19/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting9/16/2024
MeetingPack Check9/12/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party9/11/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting9/9/2024
MeetingPack Check9/5/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting9/2/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting8/28/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting8/26/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting8/19/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/16/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party8/14/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting8/12/2024
MeetingPack Check8/7/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/5/2024
Board of ReviewDixon K.- 1st Class BOR7/22/2024
Special EventConner W.- Life Scrub7/22/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting7/22/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/19/2024
MeetingPack Check7/16/2024
MeetingSummer Camp Parent Meeting7/15/2024
ChoreVFW Hall cleanup 7/13/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party7/10/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/8/2024
Special EventScouting Heritage MB (Session 2)7/8/2024
RideCycling Workup 7/7/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting7/1/2024
Special EventScouting Heritage MB (Session 1)7/1/2024
RideCycling Workup 6/29/2024
Special EventD & D Lockin- 6/28/2024 - 6/29/2024
Special EventCycling Workshop6/28/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/26/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting6/24/2024
Special EventTenderfoot PT6/24/2024
Special EventCourt of Honor6/17/2024
MeetingPhilmont Pack Check6/17/2024
Special EventKekoa Eagle COH6/16/2024
MeetingPack Check6/13/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party6/12/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting6/10/2024
MeetingPack Check6/6/2024
Special EventOceanography MB- Evening 46/3/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/3/2024
Special EventAiden Walmer Eagle COH6/2/2024
Special EventMom's Night5/31/2024
MeetingPack Check5/30/2024
RecruitingPack 4544 Kickball Support5/30/2024
Board of Review Emery A.- Star BOR5/27/2024
Special EventTenderfoot PT 5/27/2024
Special EventOceanography MB- Evening 35/27/2024
Board of ReviewConner W.- Life BOR5/27/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting5/27/2024
ChoreLoading Firewood5/24/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting5/22/2024
RecruitingOpen House5/20/2024
Special EventOceanography MB- Evening 25/20/2024
Special EventEthan's Eagle COH5/19/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/17/2024
MeetingPack Check5/16/2024
Special EventOceanography MB- Evening 15/13/2024
Board of ReviewZane D.- First Class BOR5/13/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/13/2024
MeetingOpen House Prep5/13/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Shift 45/11/2024
PaddleKeyport Paddle5/11/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Shift 35/11/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Day 2 Prep and setup5/11/2024
Fund RaiserRumage Sale Take Down5/11/2024
Board of ReviewEthan H. - 1st Class5/10/2024
Fund RaiserRumage Sale Setup5/10/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Shift 15/10/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Shift 25/10/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale reset/popups5/10/2024
Special EventRummage Sale Lock-in Game night5/10/2024 - 5/11/2024
MeetingPack Check5/9/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup5/9/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party5/8/2024
MeetingPack Check5/2/2024
TrainingWFA - Day 44/30/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting4/29/2024
Special EventWeather/Scholarship MB- Evening 24/29/2024
MeetingPack Check4/25/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting4/24/2024
TrainingWFA - Day 34/23/2024
Board of ReviewMason W.- Second Class BOR4/22/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting4/22/2024
RideTour de Kitsap4/20/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/19/2024
TrainingWFA - Day 24/16/2024
Board of Review Mason L.- 1st Class BOR4/15/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting4/15/2024
MeetingPack Check4/11/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party4/10/2024
TrainingWFA - Day 14/9/2024
Special EventWeather/Scholarship MB- Evening 14/8/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/8/2024
TrainingILST4/6/2024 - 4/7/2024
TrainingIOLS4/5/2024 - 4/6/2024
NoticeNO Troop Meeting (Spring Break)4/1/2024
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/1/2024
Special EventGame Night Lockin3/29/2024 - 3/30/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting3/27/2024
Special EventCourt of Honor3/25/2024
Fund RaiserPlanning Meeting - WA Science & Eng. Fair3/18/2024
Special EventSafety MB Clinic- Session 33/18/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting3/18/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/15/2024
MeetingPack Check3/14/2024
Special EventSafety MB Clinic- Session 23/11/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting3/11/2024
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Planning Meeting 3/11/2024
Board of ReviewScott Adams Star BOR3/9/2024
Board of ReviewLiam Motz First Class BOR3/9/2024
Board of ReviewBraxton Litts Star BOR3/9/2024
Board of ReviewCiaran Griffith Tenderfoot BOR3/9/2024
Board of ReviewZane Dale 2nd Class BOR 3/9/2024
Board of ReviewFletcher A.- Scout3/9/2024
Board of ReviewLincoln Eisele 2nd Class BOR3/9/2024
Board of ReviewJackson West First Class BOR3/9/2024
MeetingPack Check3/7/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party3/6/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/4/2024
Special EventSafety MB Clinic- Session 13/4/2024
MeetingPack Check3/1/2024
OA EventOA Open House2/28/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting2/26/2024
Board of ReviewKai C.- Scout2/26/2024
MeetingPack Check2/22/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting2/19/2024
Special EventWelding MB Class2/19/2024
Service ProjectVFW Hall storm cleanup2/17/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/16/2024
Special EventKlondike sled prep lockin2/16/2024 - 2/17/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting2/12/2024
Fund RaiserRumage Sale Planning Meeting2/12/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party2/7/2024
Special EventWelding Merit Badge class2/5/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/5/2024
MeetingPack Check2/1/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting1/29/2024
ChoreAdult Sewing Party1/26/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting1/24/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting1/22/2024
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/19/2024
MeetingPack Check1/18/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting1/15/2024
ChoreAdult Work Party1/10/2024
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/8/2024
MeetingPack Check1/4/2024
MeetingTroop Meeting1/1/2024
Special EventNew Year's Eve Lock-In12/31/2023 - 1/1/2024
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting12/27/2023
NoticeChristmas- no meeting12/25/2023
Special EventCribbage Lock-In12/22/2023 - 12/23/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party12/20/2023
Board of ReviewKekoa - Eagle12/20/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting & Holiday party12/18/2023
Special EventCourt of Honor12/11/2023
Special EventGame Night Lock-In12/8/2023 - 12/9/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/4/2023
Board of ReviewLuca O.- Star BOR12/4/2023
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Unloading12/2/2023
MeetingPack Check11/30/2023
Board of ReviewAiden W - Eagle11/29/2023
Board of ReviewEthan H. - Eagle11/29/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting11/27/2023
Special EventFirst Aid MB - Practicals Session 211/27/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting11/22/2023
Special EventChess Night Lockin11/17/2023 - 11/18/2023
Special EventCitizenship in Society MB Class11/13/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting11/13/2023
ChorePulling Trees11/12/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party11/8/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/6/2023
Special EventArchitecture & Landscape Architecture MB- Sess. 4 11/6/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party11/5/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party11/5/2023
Special EventGame Night11/3/2023 - 11/4/2023
Special EventHaunted Campground10/30/2023
MeetingPack Check10/26/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting10/25/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting10/23/2023
Board of ReviewCanaan T - First Class10/21/2023
Board of ReviewJacob G - First Class10/21/2023
Special EventJOTI/JOTA - lockin10/20/2023 - 10/22/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/20/2023
ChoreJOTI/JOTA setup10/19/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting10/16/2023
Special EventArchitecture & Landscape Architecture MB- Sess. 310/16/2023
Board of ReviewRizzolo T.- First Class BOR10/16/2023
MeetingPack Check10/12/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party10/11/2023
Board of ReviewMason L.- Second Class BOR10/9/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting10/9/2023
Special EventZachary G.- Life Scrub10/9/2023
Board of ReviewEthan H.- Second Class BOR10/9/2023
Special EventArchitecture & Landscape Architecture MB- Sess. 210/9/2023
Board of ReviewHudson R.- Life BOR10/2/2023
Board of ReviewConner W.- Star BOR10/2/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/2/2023
Special EventArchitecture & Landscape Architecture MB- Sess. 110/2/2023
Special EventTenderfoot PT 10/2/2023
TrainingILST9/30/2023 - 10/1/2023
TrainingIOLS9/29/2023 - 9/30/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting9/27/2023
Board of ReviewDylan L.- First Class BOR9/25/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting9/25/2023
Special EventAmerican Heritage MB Clinic- Day 29/25/2023
Board of ReviewBraxton L.- First Class BOR9/25/2023
MeetingPack Check9/21/2023
Board of ReviewNathan K - Eagle9/20/2023
Special EventCourt of Honor9/18/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/15/2023
MeetingPack Check9/14/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party9/13/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting9/11/2023
Board of ReviewLiam M.- Second Class BOR9/11/2023
Special EventAmerican Heritage MB Clinic- Day 19/11/2023
MeetingPack Check9/7/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/4/2023
Board of ReviewHenry B.- Tenderfoot BOR9/4/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting8/28/2023
Special EventAlex R.- Life Scrub8/28/2023
Special EventEnvironmental Science MB- Day 38/28/2023
Special EventTenderfoot PT8/28/2023
MeetingPack Check8/23/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting8/21/2023
Board of ReviewZachary G.- Life BOR8/21/2023
Special EventEnvironmental Science MB- Day 28/21/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/18/2023
MeetingPack Check8/17/2023
Special EventEnvironmental Science MB- Day 18/14/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting8/14/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party8/9/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/7/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting7/31/2023
MeetingPack Check7/27/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting7/24/2023
Special EventFirst Aid MB Clinic- Day 27/24/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/21/2023
ChoreSteak Night Support7/21/2023
MeetingPack Check - CANX - come early for Adams7/19/2023
Special EventFirst Aid MB Clinic- Day 17/17/2023
Special EventFirst Aid MB PARTIAL Completion ONLY7/17/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/17/2023
Special EventCayden/Evan Eagle COH7/16/2023
ChoreVFW work party 7/15/2023
Special EventLucas M Eagle Party7/14/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party7/12/2023
Board of ReviewLincoln E.- Tenderfoot BOR 7/10/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting7/3/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/28/2023
MeetingPack Check6/28/2023
Board of ReviewHunter L.- Life BOR6/26/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting6/26/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/24/2023
Special EventCody Lantz - Celebration of Life6/23/2023
Board of ReviewWill P - Eagle6/21/2023
Special EventCourt of Honor6/19/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/17/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/16/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party6/14/2023
Special EventFlag Retirement6/14/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting6/12/2023
Board of ReviewZane D.- Tenderfoot BOR6/12/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/10/2023
MeetingPack Check6/8/2023
Board of ReviewFinnegan W.- First Class BOR6/5/2023
Special EventTenderfoot PT6/5/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/5/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/3/2023
MeetingPack Check6/1/2023
Board of ReviewCooper Grant - Eagle5/31/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting5/31/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting5/29/2023
Special EventInsect Study MB Clinic: Session 25/29/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/28/2023
Special EventGame Night Lock-In5/26/2023 - 5/27/2023
RecruitingPack 4544 Kickball Support5/25/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting5/24/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting5/22/2023
Special EventInsect Study MB Clinic: Session 15/22/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/20/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/19/2023
MeetingPack Check5/18/2023
Special EventArt MB- Session 35/15/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/13/2023
Fund RaiserRummage Sale 5/12/2023 - 5/13/2023
ChoreRumage Sale Setup5/12/2023
Special EventGame Night5/12/2023 - 5/13/2023
ChoreRumage Sale Setup5/11/2023
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Set-Up5/11/2023
ChoreRumage Sale Work Party5/10/2023
Board of ReviewChristian G. - Star BOR5/8/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting5/8/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/6/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party5/3/2023
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 45/2/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting5/1/2023
Special EventCamping MB Clinic5/1/2023
Special EventTenderfoot PT5/1/2023
Special EventPhotography MB- Session 35/1/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/29/2023
MeetingPack Check4/27/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting4/26/2023
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 34/25/2023
Special EventCitizenship in Society MB Class4/24/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/24/2023
Special EventPhotography MB- Session 24/24/2023
Special EventArt MB- Session 24/24/2023
Special EventJake E.- Eagle Court of Honor4/23/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/22/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/21/2023
MeetingPack Check4/20/2023
Board of ReviewEvan N - Eagle4/19/2023
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 24/18/2023
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/15/2023
MeetingPack Check4/13/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party4/12/2023
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 14/11/2023
Special EventEmmet C.- Life Scrub4/10/2023
Special EventArt MB- Session 14/10/2023
Special EventAiden W.- Life Scrub4/10/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting4/10/2023
Special EventPhotography MB- Session 14/10/2023
Special EventRifle Shooting MB Clinic (Classroom Only)4/8/2023
RideTour de Kitsap4/8/2023
NoticeNo Meeting - Spring Break4/3/2023
TrainingILST4/1/2023 - 4/2/2023
TrainingIOLS3/31/2023 - 4/1/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/29/2023
Board of ReviewCayden's Eagle3/29/2023
Special EventFishing/Fly Fishing MB Clinic - 33/27/2023
Board of ReviewDylan L.- Second Class BOR3/27/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting3/27/2023
MeetingPack Check3/23/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting3/22/2023
Special EventCourt of Honor3/20/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/17/2023
MeetingPack Check3/16/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting3/13/2023
Special EventFishing/Fly Fishing MB Clinic - 23/13/2023
Service ProjectCooper's Eagle Project3/11/2023
Special EventRifle Shooting MB Clinic 23/11/2023
Special EventCody Lantz Game Night3/10/2023 - 3/11/2023
Service ProjectCooper's Eagle Project3/10/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party3/8/2023
Special EventFishing/Fly Fishing MB Clinic - 13/6/2023
Board of ReviewKadyn C.- Star BOR3/6/2023
Board of ReviewCanaan T.- Tenderfoot BOR3/6/2023
Board of ReviewHudson R- Star BOR3/6/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/6/2023
Board of ReviewLiam M.- Tenderfoot BOR3/6/2023
MeetingPack Check3/2/2023
Service ProjectCayden's Eagle Project3/2/2023
Board of ReviewAlex R.- Life BOR2/27/2023
Board of ReviewMason W. - Tenderfoot BOR2/27/2023
Special EventCooper G.- Life Scrub2/27/2023
Board of ReviewCooper T.- Star BOR2/27/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting2/27/2023
Board of ReviewLawson C.- Second Class BOR2/27/2023
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Planning MTG2/27/2023
Special EventLeatherwork MB- Day 32/27/2023
Board of ReviewKeegan W.- Star BOR2/27/2023
Service ProjectCayden's Eagle Project2/26/2023
MeetingPack Check2/23/2023
Special EventSled Building2/22/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting2/22/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting2/20/2023
Board of ReviewFinnegan W.- Second Class BOR2/20/2023
Board of ReviewScott A.- Tenderfoot BOR2/20/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/17/2023
MeetingPack Check2/16/2023
Board of ReviewLucas M.- Eagle2/15/2023
Board of ReviewGavin L.- Star BOR2/13/2023
Board of ReviewJacob G.- Tenderfoot BOR2/13/2023
Board of ReviewRizzolo T.- Tenderfoot BOR2/13/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting2/13/2023
Special EventLeatherwork MB- Day 22/13/2023
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Planning MTG2/13/2023
MeetingPack Check2/9/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party2/8/2023
Board of ReviewAlex B.- First Class BOR2/6/2023
Special EventKayden W.- Life Scrub2/6/2023
Board of ReviewBraxton L.- Second Class BOR2/6/2023
Special EventLeatherwork MB- Day 12/6/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/6/2023
Special EventMerit Badge Lock-In2/3/2023 - 2/4/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting1/30/2023
Board of ReviewKillian W. - First Class BOR1/30/2023
Board of ReviewJack K.- First Class BOR1/30/2023
MeetingPack Check1/26/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting1/25/2023
Special EventNathan K.- Life Scrub1/23/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting1/23/2023
Board of ReviewAlex P.- First Class BOR1/23/2023
Special EventCooking MB Clinic Session 21/23/2023
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/20/2023
Board of ReviewJake Eagle 1/18/2023
Board of ReviewGordon Eagle1/18/2023
Board of ReviewBill K.- Life BOR1/16/2023
Special EventCooking MB Clinic Session 11/16/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting1/16/2023
MeetingPack Check1/12/2023
ChoreAdult Work Party1/11/2023
Special EventLife Scrub- Thomas G.1/9/2023
Special EventLife Scrub- Evan N.1/9/2023
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/9/2023
Special EventLife Scrub- Simon S.1/2/2023
Special EventLife Scrub- Ethan H.1/2/2023
Board of ReviewThomas G.- Life BOR1/2/2023
MeetingTroop Meeting1/2/2023
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting12/21/2022
Special EventCourt of Honor12/19/2022
Service ProjectLucas' Eagle Project12/18/2022
Service ProjectLucas' Eagle Project12/17/2022
Special EventScoutmaster Frustration12/16/2022 - 12/17/2022
Service ProjectLucas' Eagle Project12/15/2022
MeetingPack Check12/15/2022
ChoreAdult Work Party12/14/2022
Board of ReviewEthan H. BOR - Life12/12/2022
Board of ReviewKael W. - Life BOR12/12/2022
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic-12/12/2022
Board of ReviewNathaniel S. - Second Class12/12/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting12/12/2022
Board of ReviewConner W.- First Class BOR12/12/2022
Service ProjectLucas' Eagle Project12/11/2022
Service ProjectLucas' Eagle Project12/10/2022
Service Project Southern Illinois University12/10/2022
Special EventD & D Lockin12/9/2022 - 12/10/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/5/2022
Special EventCitizenship in Society MB Class12/5/2022
Special EventCollections MB - Session 312/5/2022
Board of ReviewKayden W. - Life BOR12/5/2022
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Unloading12/3/2022
MeetingPack Check12/1/2022
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting11/30/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting11/28/2022
Special EventCollections MB - Session 211/28/2022
Special EventJoint Eagle COH11/21/2022
MeetingPack Check11/17/2022
Fund RaiserChick-Fil-A Fundraiser11/12/2022
ChoreAdult Work Party11/9/2022
Special EventCollections MB - Session 111/7/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/7/2022
Board of ReviewHunter L.- Star BOR11/7/2022
Special EventChess Night Lockin11/4/2022 - 11/5/2022
Board of ReviewFinnegan W.- Tenderfoot BOR11/4/2022
Special EventHaunted Campground - Oct 3110/31/2022
MeetingPack Check10/27/2022
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting10/26/2022
Special EventCamping MB Clinic10/25/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting10/24/2022
Service ProjectGardening10/24/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/21/2022
Board of ReviewDylan L.- Tenderfoot BOR10/17/2022
Special EventGardening Merit Badge Class10/17/2022
Special EventLaw Merit Badge- Session 310/17/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting10/17/2022
Board of ReviewZach G.- Star BOR10/15/2022
Special EventJOTI/JOTA - lockin10/14/2022 - 10/16/2022
ChoreAdult Work Party10/12/2022
Special EventLaw Merit Badge- Session 210/10/2022
MeetingMB Counselor MTG10/10/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting10/10/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project10/10/2022
Board of ReviewCody L.- Scout10/9/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project10/9/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project10/8/2022
Special EventMonty Python Lockin10/7/2022 - 10/8/2022
Special EventAmerican Heritage MB Session 210/7/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/3/2022
Special EventLaw Merit Badge- Session 110/3/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project10/2/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project10/1/2022
TrainingILST10/1/2022 - 10/2/2022
TrainingIOLS9/30/2022 - 10/1/2022
Board of ReviewConner W.- Second Class BOR9/26/2022
Board of ReviewHudson R.- 1st Class BOR9/26/2022
Special EventTenderfoot PT9/26/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting9/26/2022
Board of ReviewEmmet C.- Life BOR9/26/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project9/24/2022
MeetingPack Check9/22/2022
Special EventCourt of Honor9/19/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/16/2022
MeetingPack Check9/15/2022
ChoreAdult Work Party9/14/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/12/2022
Board of ReviewNathaniel S. - Tenderfoot BOR9/10/2022
Special EventSurvivorman at the Hall9/10/2022 - 9/11/2022
Special EventAmerican Heritage MB Session 19/5/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting9/5/2022
Board of ReviewScott A.- Scout9/5/2022
Board of ReviewLiam M.- Scout9/5/2022
Board of ReviewEthan H. BOR - Tenderfoot9/5/2022
Special EventStar Party9/3/2022 - 9/4/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting8/29/2022
MeetingPack Check8/25/2022
Board of ReviewAlex B.- Second Class BOR8/22/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting8/22/2022
Special EventTenderfoot PT8/22/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/19/2022
MeetingPack Check8/17/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/15/2022
Board of ReviewCarsyn M - Eagle8/11/2022
ChoreAdult Work Party8/10/2022
MeetingPack Check8/9/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting8/8/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project8/1/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting8/1/2022
MeetingPack Check7/28/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting7/25/2022
MeetingSummer Camp Info7/25/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field7/24/2022
Special EventEvan Wisbey Eagle COH7/23/2022
Special EventGame Night Lockin7/22/2022 - 7/23/2022
Service ProjectGordon's Eagle Project7/19/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting7/18/2022
Special EventTenderfoot PT7/18/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field7/14/2022
MeetingPack Check7/14/2022
ChoreAdult Chore Night7/13/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/11/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field7/10/2022
MeetingPack Check7/7/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting7/4/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting6/27/2022
Board of ReviewKillian W.- Tenderfoot BOR6/24/2022
Special EventGame Night (NOT A LOCK-IN)6/24/2022
Special EventCrash Overnight before Philmont6/22/2022 - 6/23/2022
Special EventTenderfoot PT6/20/2022
Special EventCourt of Honor6/20/2022
ChoreBirthday Bash Setup6/19/2022
Special Event50th Birthday Bash6/19/2022
ChoreHouse Cleaning for 50th Birthday Bash6/18/2022
Special EventGame Night Lockin6/17/2022 - 6/18/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/17/2022
MeetingPack Check6/16/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting6/13/2022
Board of ReviewLuca O.- Tenderfoot BOR6/13/2022
Board of ReviewKeegan W. - First Class BOR6/13/2022
Board of ReviewLucas M.- Life BOR6/13/2022
Board of ReviewNathan B.- First Class BOR6/13/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/11/2022
MeetingPack Check6/9/2022
ChoreGear Day6/8/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/7/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/6/2022
Board of ReviewNoah E. - 2d Class BOR6/6/2022
Service ProjectCarsyn's Eagle Project6/5/2022
Service ProjectCarsyn's Eagle Project6/4/2022
MeetingPack Check6/2/2022
Special EventPersonal Fitness No 55/30/2022
Board of ReviewKeegan W. - 2d Class BOR5/30/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting5/30/2022
Special EventWyatt's Eagle COH5/28/2022
ChoreGear Day5/28/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/27/2022
Service ProjectPack 4544 GaGa Ball & Pack MTG Support 5/26/2022
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting5/25/2022
Special EventPersonal Fitness No 45/23/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting5/23/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/21/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/20/2022
MeetingPack Check5/19/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/14/2022
MeetingPack Check5/12/2022
Board of ReviewJake E. - Life BOR5/9/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting5/9/2022
Special EventPersonal Fitness No 35/9/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/8/2022
Fund RaiserRummage Sale5/7/2022
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Set Up5/6/2022
Special EventGame Design Lock-In5/6/2022 - 5/7/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/2/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/30/2022
MeetingPack Check4/28/2022
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting4/27/2022
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 44/26/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting4/25/2022
Board of ReviewAlex B.- Tenderfoot BOR4/25/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/23/2022
MeetingPack Check4/21/2022
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 34/19/2022
Special EventRummage Sale Set Up4/18/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting4/18/2022
RideTour de Kitsap4/16/2022
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/16/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/15/2022
Special EventGame Night4/15/2022 - 4/16/2022
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 24/12/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/11/2022
Special EventRifle & Shotgun Shooting MB - Classroom Portion4/11/2022
MeetingPack Check4/7/2022
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 14/5/2022
TrainingILST4/2/2022 - 4/3/2022
TrainingIOLS4/1/2022 - 4/2/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting3/28/2022
Special EventTenderfoot PT - Round 23/28/2022
Board of ReviewJay M. - Tenderfoot BOR3/28/2022
MeetingPack Check3/24/2022
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting3/23/2022
Special EventCourt of Honor3/21/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/18/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting3/14/2022
Board of ReviewEthan H. - Scout3/14/2022
MeetingNew Parents3/14/2022
MeetingPack Check3/10/2022
Special EventFirst Aid MB Make-Up 23/7/2022
Special EventFishing MB Clinic3/7/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/7/2022
MeetingPack Check3/3/2022
Board of ReviewChace Sherman Eagle3/1/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting2/28/2022
Special EventFirst Aid MB Make-Up 12/28/2022
MeetingPack Check2/24/2022
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting2/23/2022
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing2/21/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting2/21/2022
Special EventCitizenship in Society MB Test Class - 2 2/21/2022
Special EventSled Prep2/19/2022
Special EventGame Night Lock-In2/18/2022 - 2/19/2022
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/18/2022
Board of ReviewBill K.- Star BOR2/18/2022
Board of ReviewJack K.- 2d Class BOR2/14/2022
Board of ReviewKael W.- Star BOR2/14/2022
Board of ReviewEmmet C.- Star BOR2/14/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting2/14/2022
Board of ReviewKayden W. - Star BOR2/14/2022
MeetingPack Check2/10/2022
Special EventCitizenship in Society MB Test Class - 12/7/2022
Board of ReviewCayden B. - Life BOR2/7/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/7/2022
Special EventBoard Game Lock-In2/5/2022 - 2/6/2022
Special EventCitizenship in the World2/4/2022
Board of ReviewKeegan W. - Tenderfoot BOR1/31/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting1/31/2022
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting1/26/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting1/24/2022
Board of ReviewTaylor R. - 2d Class BOR1/24/2022
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic1/22/2022
Special EventCitizenship in the World1/21/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting1/17/2022
MeetingPack Check1/13/2022
Board of ReviewCollin Eagle 1/11/2022
MeetingTroop Meeting1/10/2022
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic1/8/2022
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/3/2022
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic1/2/2022
Special EventCitizenship in the Nation MB Class1/1/2022
Special EventWeather MB Class1/1/2022
Special EventNew Year's Eve Game night12/31/2021 - 1/1/2022
NoticeNo Meeting - Christmas Break12/27/2021
NoticeWoodwork MB Clinic 26 Dec - CANX due to Snow12/26/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting12/22/2021
MeetingChristmas Party12/20/2021
Special EventScoutmaster Frustration12/17/2021 - 12/19/2021
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night12/17/2021
MeetingPack Check12/16/2021
Special EventCourt of Honor12/13/2021
Service ProjectChase S Eagle Project12/12/2021
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic12/12/2021
Service ProjectChace S Eagle Project12/11/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/6/2021
Board of ReviewHudson R. - Tenderfoot BOR12/6/2021
Board of ReviewAlex B. - Scout12/6/2021
Special EventHome Repairs MB Clinic12/6/2021
Board of ReviewNathan B. - Second Class BOR12/5/2021
MeetingPack Check12/2/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting11/29/2021
Board of ReviewEthan H. BOR - Star11/29/2021
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic (Day 3)11/27/2021
Service ProjectCollin's Eagle Project11/27/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting11/24/2021
MeetingCelebration of Eagle Scouts11/22/2021
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night11/19/2021
MeetingPack Check11/18/2021
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic (Day 2)11/13/2021
Special EventChess Night Lockin11/12/2021 - 11/13/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting11/8/2021
Special EventWoodwork MB Clinic11/6/2021
Special EventRisk Tournament Lockin11/5/2021 - 11/6/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting11/1/2021
Special EventCamping MB Clinic11/1/2021
Special EventHaunted Campground - Oct 3110/31/2021
Special EventGame Night Lockin10/30/2021 - 10/31/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting10/27/2021
Special EventHome Repairs MB Clinic10/25/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting10/25/2021
Board of ReviewSimon S. - Life BOR10/25/2021
MeetingPack Check10/21/2021
Special EventAutomotive Maintenance MB Class #310/18/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting10/18/2021
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/15/2021
Special EventJOTI/JOTA - lockin10/15/2021 - 10/17/2021
Board of ReviewGavin L. - First Class BOR10/11/2021
Special EventAutomotive Maintenance MB Class #210/11/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/11/2021
MeetingPack Check10/7/2021
NoticePhoto Night!10/4/2021
Special EventAutomotive Maintenance MB Class #110/4/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting10/4/2021
TrainingILST10/2/2021 - 10/3/2021
TrainingIOLS10/1/2021 - 10/2/2021
Board of ReviewWyatt's Eagle9/29/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting9/27/2021
MeetingPack Check9/23/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting9/22/2021
Special EventCourt of Honor9/20/2021
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/17/2021
Special EventAutomotive Maintenance MB Class #19/16/2021
MeetingPack Check9/16/2021
Board of ReviewCooper T. - Tenderfoot BOR9/13/2021
Board of ReviewPJ H.- 1st Class BOR9/13/2021
MeetingMB Counselor MTG9/13/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/13/2021
MeetingPack Check9/9/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting9/6/2021
Special EventD & D Lock-In9/3/2021 - 9/4/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting8/30/2021
MeetingPack Check8/26/2021
Board of ReviewAlex P. - 2d Class BOR8/23/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting8/23/2021
Service ProjectVFW Picnic Support8/21/2021
Service ProjectPack 4544 Pack MTG Support8/21/2021
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/20/2021
Service ProjectFOS setup8/17/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting8/16/2021
MeetingPack Check8/11/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/9/2021
MeetingPack Check8/5/2021
NoticeGear Pickup8/5/2021
NoticeGear Swap8/4/2021
Board of ReviewAndrew S - Eagle8/4/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting8/2/2021
MeetingPack Check7/22/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting7/21/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting7/19/2021
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/16/2021
MeetingPack Check7/14/2021
MeetingTroop/Summer Camp Meeting7/12/2021
MeetingPack Check7/8/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting7/5/2021
MeetingPack Check6/29/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting6/28/2021
MeetingRoss Lake Food Prep6/27/2021
Special EventGame Night Lock-In6/25/2021 - 6/26/2021
Board of ReviewHunter L. - 1st Class BOR6/21/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting6/21/2021
Board of ReviewNathan B- Tenderfoot BOR6/21/2021
MeetingRoss Lake Meal Planning6/21/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/16/2021
Board of ReviewAdrian Eagle6/16/2021
MeetingPack Check6/16/2021
Special EventCourt of Honor6/14/2021
Special EventScout-O-Rama6/12/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/12/2021
Board of ReviewKael W.- 2d Class BOR6/7/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/7/2021
Board of ReviewKayden W. - 2d Class BOR6/7/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/5/2021
MeetingPack Check6/3/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting5/31/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/29/2021
MeetingPack Check5/27/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting5/26/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting5/24/2021
Special EventWeather MB - Class #25/24/2021
RideTour de Kitsap5/23/2021
ChoreGear Day5/22/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/22/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting5/19/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting5/17/2021
Special EventComposite Materials MB - Class #25/17/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/15/2021
MeetingPack Check5/13/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting5/10/2021
Special EventWeather MB - Class #15/10/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/9/2021
Special EventMandalorian Binge Watch Lockin5/7/2021 - 5/8/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/3/2021
Special EventComposite Materials MB - Class #15/3/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/30/2021
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 44/27/2021
Special EventAmerican Heritage MB Class #34/26/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting4/26/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/24/2021
MeetingPack Check4/22/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting4/21/2021
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 34/20/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting4/19/2021
Special EventAmerican Heritage MB Class #24/19/2021
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/17/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/17/2021
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Set Up4/16/2021
MeetingPack Check4/15/2021
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 24/13/2021
Board of ReviewEthan H. BOR - First Class4/12/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/12/2021
Special EventAmerican Heritage MB Class #14/12/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/10/2021
MeetingPack Check4/8/2021
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 14/6/2021
NoticeNo Troop Meeting - Spring Break4/5/2021
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/3/2021
TrainingIOLS4/2/2021 - 4/3/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting3/29/2021
Board of ReviewLucas M - Star3/27/2021
Service ProjectPack 4544 Pinewood Derby SPT, Shift 23/27/2021
Special EventGame Night3/27/2021 - 3/28/2021
Service ProjectPack 4544 Pinewood Derby SPT, Shift 13/27/2021
Service ProjectPack 4544 PWD Set-Up Support3/26/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting3/22/2021
MeetingPack Check3/18/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting3/17/2021
Special EventCourt of Honor3/15/2021
MeetingTroop Meeting3/8/2021
Board of ReviewEvan N. - Life BOR3/8/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/1/2021
Special EventFirst Aid MB Clinic3/1/2021
Service ProjectFinishing the new floor- 2/28/2021
MeetingTroop Meetings2/22/2021
MeetingPack Check2/18/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting2/17/2021
Board of ReviewSterling Eagle2/16/2021
MeetingTroop Meetings2/15/2021
Service ProjectWill's Eagle Project2/12/2021
Service ProjectWill's Eagle Project2/11/2021
Service ProjectWill's Eagle Project2/10/2021
MeetingTroop Meetings2/8/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meetings2/1/2021
Special EventReading MB Class2/1/2021
MeetingPack Check1/28/2021
MeetingTroop Meetings1/25/2021
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting1/20/2021
MeetingTroop Meetings1/18/2021
MeetingPack Check (A-L)1/14/2021
MeetingPack Check (M-Z)1/14/2021
MeetingTroop Meetings1/11/2021
Board of ReviewAlex P. - Tenderfoot1/11/2021
Service ProjectWill's Eagle Project1/9/2021
MeetingTroop/Committee Meetings1/4/2021
MeetingPack Check12/31/2020
NoticeNo Meeting - Christmas Break12/28/2020
Special EventHuman Foosball Pit Assembly12/27/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting12/21/2020
Special EventReagan/James Eagle COH12/20/2020
MeetingPack Check12/17/2020
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting12/16/2020
Service ProjectSterling's Eagle Project12/13/2020
ChoreBuilding a Human Foosball Pit12/12/2020
Service ProjectSterling's Eagle Project12/12/2020
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/7/2020
ChoreTree Pickup-12/6/2020
MeetingPack Check12/3/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting11/30/2020
ChoreGa-Ga Ball pit building11/29/2020
ChoreGa-Ga Ball pit building11/28/2020
Service ProjectChristmas Tree Pick Up11/21/2020
TrainingIOLS11/20/2020 - 11/21/2020
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting11/18/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting11/16/2020
MeetingPT test - Tenderfoot or Rank11/16/2020
Special EventGame Night Lockout11/13/2020 - 11/14/2020
Board of ReviewReagan - Eagle11/10/2020
Board of ReviewKekoa - Star11/9/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting11/9/2020
MeetingPT test - Tenderfoot or Rank11/9/2020
Special EventChess Night Lockout11/6/2020 - 11/7/2020
OA EventOrdeal11/6/2020 - 11/7/2020
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/2/2020
Board of ReviewBOR - Star - Simon S11/2/2020
MeetingPT test - Tenderfoot or Rank11/2/2020
RecruitingHaunted Campground - shift 310/31/2020
RecruitingHaunted Campground - shift 110/31/2020
RecruitingHaunted Campground - shift 210/31/2020
RecruitingHaunted Campground Setup10/31/2020
RecruitingHaunted Campground - shift 410/31/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting10/26/2020
MeetingPT test - Tenderfoot or Rank10/26/2020
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting10/21/2020
MeetingPT test - Tenderfoot or Rank10/19/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting10/19/2020
Special EventJOTI/JOTA - lockin10/16/2020 - 10/18/2020
ChoreJOTI setup10/15/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting10/12/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall10/9/2020
MeetingPack Check10/8/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall10/8/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall10/7/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall10/6/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall10/5/2020
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/5/2020
Board of ReviewChristian P - Tenderfoot10/5/2020
Board of ReviewColin D - Life10/5/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall10/2/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall10/1/2020
MeetingPack Check10/1/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/30/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/29/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting9/28/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/28/2020
Special EventILST lock out9/26/2020 - 9/27/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/25/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/24/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/23/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/22/2020
Special EventCourt of Honor9/21/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/21/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/18/2020
MeetingPack Check9/17/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/17/2020
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting9/16/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/16/2020
Board of ReviewJames' Eagle9/15/2020
Board of ReviewEvan's Eagle9/15/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/15/2020
Board of ReviewWilliam K - 1st Class9/15/2020
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/14/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/14/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/11/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/10/2020
MeetingPack Check9/10/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/9/2020
Special EventScout Study Hall9/8/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting9/7/2020
Board of ReviewGavin L - 2nd Class9/7/2020
ChoreFlooring Party/Fall Cleanup9/6/2020
OA EventOA Blowout9/6/2020 - 9/7/2020
ChoreFlooring Party/Fall Cleanup9/5/2020
Meeting2021 Planning9/1/2020
Board of ReviewCooper G - Life8/31/2020
Board of ReviewJames K - 2nd Class8/31/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting8/31/2020
MeetingPack Check8/27/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting8/24/2020
MeetingPack Check (Optional)8/20/2020
Board of ReviewNathan K - Life8/17/2020
MeetingPatrol Meeting(s)8/17/2020
Service ProjectEagle Project - Reagan A8/16/2020
Service ProjectEagle Project - Reagan A8/15/2020
Service ProjectEagle Project - Reagan A8/14/2020
MeetingPack Check (Optional)8/13/2020
MeetingPatrol Meetings8/10/2020
Service ProjectEvan's Eagle Project8/7/2020
Service ProjectEvan's Eagle Project8/6/2020
MeetingPack Check (Optional)8/6/2020
Service ProjectEvan's Eagle Project8/5/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting7/27/2020
TrainingAirsoft Hands on Training7/26/2020
MeetingPack Check7/22/2020
MeetingPack Check7/15/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting7/13/2020
MeetingPack Check7/9/2020
Board of ReviewWill P - Life7/6/2020
MeetingPatrol Meeting(s)7/6/2020
ChoreDrywall Removal/Electrical7/4/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field7/4/2020
MeetingPatrol Meeting(s)6/29/2020
Fund RaiserRummage Sale6/27/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/27/2020
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Set Up6/26/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/20/2020
MeetingPack Check6/18/2020
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/17/2020
MeetingPatrol Meetings6/15/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/14/2020
MeetingPack Check6/11/2020
MeetingPatrol/Committee Meetings6/8/2020
RideTour de Kitsap6/6/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/6/2020
MeetingPatrol Meetings6/1/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/28/2020
MeetingPack Check5/28/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/25/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/17/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/10/2020
RideCycling MB Ride5/9/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/3/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/25/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/19/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/11/2020
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/4/2020
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing3/23/2020
MeetingPack Check3/19/2020
Special EventCourt of Honor3/16/2020
MeetingPack Check3/12/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting3/9/2020
Board of ReviewTorsten Y - Tenderfoot 3/9/2020
MeetingPack Check3/5/2020
Board of ReviewTaylor R - Tenderfoot 3/2/2020
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/2/2020
ChoreGear Day2/29/2020
Special EventQuadruplet Eagle Board of Review2/26/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting2/24/2020
Board of ReviewSimon S - 1st class2/24/2020
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/21/2020
MeetingPack Check2/20/2020
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting2/19/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting2/17/2020
Board of ReviewIvan G - 2nd Class2/17/2020
ChoreGear Day2/15/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting2/10/2020
Board of ReviewSam C - 2nd Class2/10/2020
Special EventSled Prep Lockin2/8/2020 - 2/9/2020
Board of ReviewChristian G. - Second Class BOR2/3/2020
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/3/2020
MeetingPack Check1/30/2020
Special EventTenderfoot PT1/27/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting1/27/2020
MeetingNew Parent Orientation1/27/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting1/20/2020
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/17/2020
MeetingPack Check1/16/2020
MeetingTroop Meeting1/13/2020
ChoreParking lot clearing party1/13/2020
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/6/2020
MeetingPack Check1/2/2020
Special EventNew Year's Eve Game Night12/31/2019 - 1/1/2020
ChoreHanging new TV12/29/2019
ChoreStorage Area modifications12/28/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing12/23/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting12/23/2019
Board of ReviewChance S - Life12/23/2019
MeetingPack Check12/19/2019
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting12/18/2019
MeetingCitizenship in Nation12/16/2019
Special EventCourt of Honor12/16/2019
Board of ReviewIvan G - Tenderfoot12/9/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting12/9/2019
Board of ReviewJames K - Tenderfoot12/9/2019
MeetingPack Check12/5/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/2/2019
Special EventJoint Eagle COH11/25/2019
Special EventJacob & Kamulu's Eagle COH11/24/2019
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting11/20/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting11/18/2019
Board of ReviewGordon S - Life11/18/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing11/18/2019
Special EventChess Night Lockin11/15/2019 - 11/16/2019
Special EventGame Design MB Lockin11/8/2019 - 11/9/2019
Board of ReviewAdrian T - Tenderfoot11/4/2019
Board of ReviewSam C - Tenderfoot11/4/2019
Board of ReviewHunter L - Tenderfoot11/4/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/4/2019
Board of ReviewZachary G - Tenderfoot 11/4/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing10/28/2019
Board of ReviewSimon S - 2nd Class10/28/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting10/28/2019
Board of ReviewEthan H - Tenderfoot10/28/2019
MeetingPack Check10/24/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting10/21/2019
Board of ReviewRaymond R - Life10/21/2019
Special EventJOTI/JOTA - lockin10/18/2019 - 10/20/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/18/2019
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting10/16/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting10/14/2019
MeetingCitizenship in Nation - Session III10/14/2019
TrainingCitizenship in Nation10/14/2019
MeetingPack Check10/10/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/7/2019
Board of ReviewSam N - 1st Class10/7/2019
Special EventJJ/Myron Eagle COH10/6/2019
TrainingILST10/5/2019 - 10/6/2019
TrainingIOLS10/4/2019 - 10/5/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing9/30/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting9/30/2019
ChoreGear Day - Tents9/29/2019
Special EventCitizenship in Nation9/23/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting9/23/2019
MeetingZombie Meeting9/23/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/20/2019
MeetingPack Check9/19/2019
Special EventCourt of Honor9/16/2019
MeetingPack Check9/12/2019
Board of ReviewNathan K - Star9/9/2019
Fund RaiserBenefit Training9/9/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/9/2019
MeetingPack Check9/5/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting9/2/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting8/26/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing8/26/2019
MeetingPack Check8/22/2019
Special EventSilverdale Scavenger Hunt8/19/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/16/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting8/12/2019
Fund RaiserPopcorn Training8/12/2019
MeetingPacking for Murtle lake8/9/2019
Board of ReviewChristian G. - Tenderfoot BOR8/9/2019
MeetingPack Check8/8/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/5/2019
Special EventTristan Derr - Eagle COH8/4/2019
Service ProjectTristan's Eagle Project8/3/2019
Service ProjectTristan's Eagle Project8/2/2019
MeetingPack Check8/1/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting7/29/2019
ChoreGear Day - Canoes7/28/2019
Special EventPokemon Lock In7/27/2019 - 7/28/2019
Service ProjectTristan's Eagle Project7/26/2019
Service ProjectTristan's Eagle Project7/26/2019
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/26/2019
MeetingPack Check7/25/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting7/22/2019
MeetingBand Practice7/22/2019
Service ProjectTristan's Eagle Project7/20/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/19/2019
Special EventBand Practice7/18/2019
Special EventMountaineering Rope Practice7/16/2019
MeetingPack Check7/15/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting7/15/2019
MeetingPack Check7/11/2019
Board of ReviewIan M - 2nd Class7/8/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting7/8/2019
ChoreGear Day7/7/2019
Special EventGame Night Lockin7/6/2019 - 7/7/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/1/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/28/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/23/2019
MeetingPack Check6/20/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing6/17/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/16/2019
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2019
MeetingPack Check6/13/2019
Special EventCourt of Honor6/10/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/9/2019
MeetingPack Check6/6/2019
Board of ReviewColin D - 1st Class6/3/2019
Board of ReviewSimon S - Tenderfoot6/3/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/3/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/3/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/31/2019
MeetingBand Practice5/30/2019
MeetingPack Check5/30/2019
MeetingBand Practice5/29/2019
MeetingSummer Camp Meeting5/27/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing5/27/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting5/27/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/26/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/24/2019
MeetingBand Practice5/22/2019
Board of ReviewEthan S - Star5/20/2019
Board of ReviewChristian G. - Scout BOR5/20/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting5/20/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/17/2019
MeetingPack Check5/16/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/10/2019
Special EventRisk Tournament Lock In5/10/2019 - 5/11/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/6/2019
ChoreInstalling outdoor lighting5/5/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/5/2019
Special EventPioneering MB Clinic5/4/2019
MeetingPack Check5/2/2019
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 44/30/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/29/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing4/29/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting4/29/2019
Service ProjectVFW Auxiliary Dinner4/26/2019
MeetingPack Check4/25/2019
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 34/23/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting4/22/2019
MeetingPack Check4/18/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/17/2019
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 24/16/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting4/15/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn4/14/2019
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/13/2019
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/12/2019
MeetingPack Check4/11/2019
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 14/9/2019
Board of ReviewBrennan Y - 2nd Class4/8/2019
ChoreMowing the lawn4/8/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/8/2019
TrainingILST4/6/2019 - 4/7/2019
TrainingIOLS4/5/2019 - 4/6/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting3/25/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/22/2019
MeetingPack Check3/21/2019
Special EventCourt of Honor3/18/2019
MeetingPack Check3/14/2019
TrainingNew Parent Orientation3/11/2019
Board of ReviewCayden B - 1st Class3/11/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting3/11/2019
ChoreGear Day3/9/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/4/2019
Board of ReviewPaul B - Life3/4/2019
MeetingPack Check2/28/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing2/25/2019
Board of ReviewAyden H - Star2/25/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting2/25/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/22/2019
MeetingPack Check2/21/2019
Board of ReviewWilliam B - 1st Class2/18/2019
Board of ReviewPPD - Nathan K - 1st Class2/18/2019
Special EventKlondike Sled Prep2/18/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting2/18/2019
Special EventMB Clinic Makeup2/18/2019
Special EventPPD - Movie Making lock in- 2/16/2019 - 2/17/2019
Board of ReviewTristan H - Life2/16/2019
MeetingCANX - Troop Meeting2/11/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/4/2019
Board of ReviewEvan N - Star2/4/2019
MeetingPack Check1/31/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting1/28/2019
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing1/28/2019
Board of ReviewGordon S - Star1/28/2019
Service ProjectJJ's Eagle Project1/27/2019
Service ProjectJJ's Eagle Project1/26/2019
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/25/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting1/21/2019
MeetingPack Check1/17/2019
MeetingTroop Meeting1/14/2019
MeetingNew Parent Orientation1/14/2019
Board of ReviewAlex R - Tenderfoot1/7/2019
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/7/2019
MeetingPack Check1/3/2019
Special EventNew Years Eve Game Night12/31/2018 - 1/1/2019
Special EventChristmas Party/Open House12/17/2018
MeetingPack Check12/13/2018
Special EventCourt of Honor12/10/2018
Board of ReviewCarsyn M - Star12/3/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/3/2018
Board of ReviewDevlin A - Tenderfoot12/3/2018
MeetingPack Check11/29/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting11/26/2018
Fund RaiserChristmas Trees11/24/2018
Special EventReilly Hickcox Eagle COH11/24/2018
Special EventJoint Eagle Court of Honor11/19/2018
Board of ReviewNathan K - 2nd Class11/19/2018
Special EventChess Night Lockin11/16/2018 - 11/17/2018
Special EventGame Night Lockin11/9/2018 - 11/10/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/5/2018
Board of ReviewWyatt H - Life11/5/2018
ChoreStowing Zombie Gear11/1/2018
ChoreStowing Zombie Gear10/30/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting10/29/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/26/2018
MeetingPack Check10/25/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting10/22/2018
Special EventJOTI/JOTA - lockin10/19/2018 - 10/21/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting10/15/2018
MeetingPack Check10/11/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting10/8/2018
ChoreFall Cleaning10/7/2018
TrainingILST10/6/2018 - 10/7/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/1/2018
Board of ReviewCarter M - 1st Class10/1/2018
Board of ReviewReece H - Star10/1/2018
Special EventSteak Night Lock in9/28/2018 - 9/29/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/28/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting9/24/2018
Board of ReviewSterling S - Life9/24/2018
Board of ReviewCayden B - 2nd Class9/24/2018
MeetingPack Check9/20/2018
Special EventCourt of Honor9/17/2018
MeetingPack Check9/13/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/10/2018
MeetingPack Check9/6/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting9/3/2018
Special EventMagic the Gathering- Lockin8/31/2018 - 9/1/2018
ChoreGear Day8/29/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting8/27/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/24/2018
MeetingPack Check8/21/2018
Board of ReviewJames H - Life8/20/2018
Board of ReviewChase S - Star8/20/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting8/20/2018
Special EventJames M - Eagle COH8/19/2018
MeetingPack Check8/16/2018
Board of ReviewEvan W - Life8/13/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting8/13/2018
MeetingPack Check8/9/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/6/2018
Special EventPT Clinic8/6/2018
Service ProjectReilly's Eagle Project - Day 27/29/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/27/2018
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/27/2018
MeetingPack Check - Summer Camp7/26/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting7/23/2018
Service ProjectReilly's Eagle Project7/21/2018
MeetingPack Check7/18/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting7/16/2018
Special EventPT MB Clinic7/16/2018
ChoreGear Day7/15/2018
Special EventD & D Lockin7/13/2018 - 7/14/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/9/2018
ChoreGear / Maintenance7/2/2018
Special EventTroop Movie Night Lockin6/29/2018 - 6/30/2018
Special EventBand Practice6/27/2018
Board of ReviewAdam S - 2nd Class6/25/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting6/25/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/24/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/22/2018
MeetingPack Check6/20/2018
Special EventCourt of Honor6/18/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/16/2018
MeetingPhauxmont Meal Planning6/15/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/15/2018
Service ProjectFlag Retirement Ceremony6/14/2018
Board of ReviewHayden P - Life6/13/2018
Service ProjectVFW Flag Retirement Ceremony6/13/2018
Board of ReviewAdrian W - Life6/11/2018
MeetingPack Check6/7/2018
Special EventBand Practice6/6/2018
Special EventBand Practice6/4/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/4/2018
Special EventPT Clinic6/4/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field6/3/2018
MeetingPack Check5/31/2018
ChoreGear Day/Lawn Maintenance5/28/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting5/28/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/27/2018
ChoreGear Day5/26/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/25/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting5/21/2018
Special EventPersonal Fitness MB Clinic5/21/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/21/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/17/2018
MeetingPack Check5/17/2018
ChoreGear Day5/13/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/13/2018
ChoreGutter Replacement5/12/2018
Special EventPersonal Fitness MB Clinic5/7/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/7/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field5/6/2018
MeetingPack Check5/3/2018
Special EventPersonal Fitness MB Clinic4/30/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting4/30/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/27/2018
MeetingPack Check4/26/2018
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/24/2018
Special EventPersonal Fitness MB Clinic4/23/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting4/23/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/22/2018
MeetingPack Check4/19/2018
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/17/2018
Special EventSustainability Merit Badge Clinic4/16/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting4/16/2018
Board of ReviewEzra L - Tenderfoot4/16/2018
Meeting50 Miler Planning - San Juan Island4/16/2018
TrainingNew Parent Orientation4/16/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/15/2018
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/14/2018
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/13/2018
MeetingPack Check4/12/2018
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/10/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting 4/9/2018
ChoreCanoe Barn Clean up4/8/2018
ChoreMowing the lawn4/8/2018
Special EventCaleb's Eagle Court of Honor4/7/2018
TrainingIOLS4/6/2018 - 4/7/2018
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/3/2018
ChoreSpring Cleaning3/31/2018
TrainingILST Lock In3/30/2018 - 3/31/2018
Board of ReviewLucas M - 2nd Class3/26/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting3/26/2018
Board of ReviewChace S - 1st Class3/26/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/23/2018
MeetingPack Check3/22/2018
Special EventSustainability Merit Badge Clinic3/19/2018
Board of ReviewLucas M - Tenderfoot3/19/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting3/19/2018
MeetingPack Check3/15/2018
Special EventCourt of Honor3/12/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/5/2018
MeetingPack Check3/1/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting2/26/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/23/2018
MeetingPack Check2/22/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting2/19/2018
Board of ReviewColin D - Tenderfoot2/19/2018
ChoreSled Maintenance2/17/2018
Special EventGame Night Lock-In2/16/2018 - 2/17/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting2/12/2018
Board of ReviewWinten C-Star2/12/2018
Board of ReviewTristan H-Star2/12/2018
MeetingPack Check2/8/2018
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/5/2018
RecruitingOpen House1/29/2018
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/26/2018
MeetingPack Check1/25/2018
Board of ReviewZavier K - 2nd Class1/22/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting1/22/2018
Fund RaiserChili, Cornbread & Beverage Cookoff- 1/20/2018
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 21/16/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting1/15/2018
MeetingPack Check1/11/2018
MeetingTroop/Commitee Meeting1/8/2018
MeetingTroop Meeting1/1/2018
Board of ReviewEvan N - 1st Class1/1/2018
Special EventFood Drive12/18/2017
Special EventChristmas Party12/18/2017
MeetingPack Check12/14/2017
RecruitingPack 5239 Crossover12/14/2017
Special EventCourt of Honor12/11/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/10/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/10/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/10/2017
ChorePeeling Party/Gear Day12/10/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/9/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/9/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/9/2017
Special EventMagic, the Gathering - Lockin12/8/2017 - 12/9/2017
Board of ReviewLiam B - Tenderfoot12/4/2017
Board of ReviewGordon S - 1st Class12/4/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/4/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/3/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/3/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/3/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/2/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sale12/2/2017
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Kick Off12/2/2017
MeetingPack Check11/30/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting11/27/2017
Special EventJoint Eagle COH11/20/2017
Special EventChess Night Lockin11/17/2017 - 11/18/2017
ChorePeeling Party/Gear Day11/12/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/6/2017
TrainingCrime Prevention Merit Badge - Session 311/6/2017
MeetingPhilmont Meeting11/6/2017
TrainingIOLS11/3/2017 - 11/4/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting10/30/2017
Board of ReviewJacob G - Life10/30/2017
Board of ReviewThomas G - 1st Class10/30/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/27/2017
MeetingPack Check10/26/2017
MeetingMerit Badge Clinic Steering Committee 10/24/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting10/23/2017
TrainingCrime Prevention Merit Badge - Session 210/23/2017
ChorePeeling Party10/22/2017
Special EventJOTI/JOTA10/22/2017
Special EventJOTI/JOTA10/21/2017
Service ProjectHoliday Crafts for Retsil10/18/2017
MeetingZombie Prep Meeting10/16/2017
TrainingNew Parent Orientation10/16/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting10/16/2017
Board of ReviewTristan D - Life10/16/2017
MeetingPack Check10/12/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting10/9/2017
TrainingWeb Site Orientation10/9/2017
TrainingCrime Prevention Merit Badge10/9/2017
Board of ReviewReece H - 1st Class10/9/2017
Board of ReviewJames M - Life10/9/2017
MeetingPack Check10/5/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/2/2017
ChoreField Day10/1/2017
TrainingMerit Badge Counselor Training9/30/2017
TrainingILST Lockin9/29/2017 - 9/30/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting9/25/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/22/2017
MeetingPack Check9/21/2017
MeetingMerit Badge Clinic Planning9/20/2017
Special EventCourt of Honor9/18/2017
Special EventJarred's Eagle COH9/16/2017
Board of ReviewCarter M - 2nd Class9/11/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/11/2017
Special EventConner H's Eagle COH9/10/2017
Service ProjectMyron's Eagle Project9/9/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting9/4/2017
ChoreSpar Party-9/4/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting8/28/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/25/2017
MeetingPack Check8/24/2017
Special EventSolar Eclipse viewing8/21/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting8/21/2017
Board of ReviewEvan W - Star8/21/2017
MeetingPack Check8/17/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting8/14/2017
Board of ReviewCameron C Second Class8/14/2017
ChoreMowing Lawn / Ball Field8/13/2017
MeetingPack Check8/10/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/7/2017
ChoreMowing Lawn / Ball Field8/6/2017
ChoreMowing Lawn / Ball Field7/30/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/28/2017
Special EventBand Practice7/28/2017
Service ProjectWhaling Days float prep7/28/2017
MeetingPack Check7/27/2017
Special EventBand Practice7/24/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting7/24/2017
ChoreMowing Lawn / Ball Field7/23/2017
MeetingPack Check7/20/2017
MeetingPack Check7/18/2017
Special EventReading MB Clinic7/17/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting7/17/2017
Special EventBand Practice7/17/2017
ChoreMowing Lawn / Ball Field7/16/2017
Special EventWhaling Days Band Practice7/10/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting7/10/2017
ChoreMowing Lawn / Ball Field7/9/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/3/2017
ChoreMowing Lawn/Ball Field7/2/2017
Service ProjectJosh's Eagle Project6/29/2017
MeetingPack Check6/28/2017
MeetingSummer Camp Planning Meeting6/26/2017
ChoreGear Day6/25/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/25/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/23/2017
Special EventCourt of Honor6/19/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/18/2017
MeetingPack Check6/15/2017
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting6/12/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/11/2017
MeetingPack Check6/8/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/5/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/4/2017
MeetingPack Check - St Helens Climb6/1/2017
MeetingPack Check - Sol Duc6/1/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting5/29/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/28/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/26/2017
TrainingNew Parent Orientation5/22/2017
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing5/22/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting5/22/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/21/2017
MeetingPack Check5/18/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/14/2017
Service ProjectConner's Eagle Project5/13/2017
TrainingSM/ASM Specific Training5/13/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting5/8/2017
Board of ReviewTaylor P - 2nd Class5/8/2017
Board of ReviewChase S - Tenderfoot5/8/2017
Board of ReviewGordon S - 2nd Class5/8/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/7/2017
MeetingPack Check5/4/2017
ChoreElectrical Work Party5/2/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/1/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/30/2017
Service ProjectCollin's Eagle Project4/29/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/28/2017
MeetingPack Check4/27/2017
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 44/25/2017
Board of ReviewJacob G - Star4/24/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting4/24/2017
ChoreField Day4/23/2017
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/21/2017
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 34/18/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting4/17/2017
Special EventCamping MB Clinic4/17/2017
ChoreMowing the lawn/ball field4/16/2017
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/15/2017
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/14/2017
MeetingPack Check4/13/2017
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 24/11/2017
Board of ReviewJames M - Star4/10/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/10/2017
TrainingIOLS4/7/2017 - 4/8/2017
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 14/4/2017
TrainingILST Lockin3/31/2017 - 4/1/2017
Board of ReviewMatthew W - 1st Class3/27/2017
Board of ReviewCooper G - 1st Class3/27/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting3/27/2017
ChoreConcrete Pour3/25/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/24/2017
MeetingPack Check3/23/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting3/20/2017
Special EventCourt of Honor3/13/2017
MeetingPack Check3/9/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/6/2017
ChoreCanoe Barn work3/4/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting2/27/2017
Board of ReviewMatthew W Second Class2/27/2017
Board of ReviewElijah Smith - Life2/27/2017
ChoreCanoe Barn - Site Prep Support2/25/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/24/2017
MeetingPack Check2/23/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting2/20/2017
Board of ReviewElijah S Life2/20/2017
Special EventSled Prep2/18/2017
RecruitingPack 4556 Crossover2/17/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/13/2017
MeetingPack Check2/9/2017
MeetingCANX - snow event2/6/2017
RecruitingOpen House1/30/2017
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/27/2017
MeetingPack Check1/26/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting1/23/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting1/16/2017
MeetingPack Check1/12/2017
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/9/2017
Fund RaiserTree Recycling- THE BIG DAY1/8/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting1/2/2017
Board of ReviewEvan W - 1st Class1/2/2017
Board of ReviewWill P - 2nd Class1/2/2017
MeetingTroop Meeting12/19/2016
Special EventCitizenship in the Nation MB12/19/2016
Special EventSam's Eagle COH12/18/2016
MeetingPack Check12/15/2016
Special EventCourt of Honor12/12/2016
Special EventSeller's party12/10/2016
Special EventCitizenship in the Nation MB12/5/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/5/2016
MeetingPack Check12/1/2016
Board of ReviewHayden P Star11/28/2016
Board of ReviewCooper G 2nd Class11/28/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting11/28/2016
Board of ReviewReagan A11/28/2016
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Blitz! - Pickup11/26/2016
Special EventJoint Eagle COH11/21/2016
Special EventChess Night Lockin11/18/2016 - 11/19/2016
Special EventCitizenship in the Nation MB11/7/2016
Board of ReviewCaden H Life11/7/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/7/2016
Special EventPersonal Fitness PT Progress Check11/7/2016
ChoreGear Day11/6/2016
MeetingMB Clinic Steering Committee11/6/2016
TrainingMerit Badge Counselor Training10/31/2016
Special EventPersonal Fitness PT Progress Check10/31/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting10/31/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/28/2016
MeetingPack Check10/27/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting10/24/2016
Board of ReviewCooper G Tenderfoot10/24/2016
Special EventPersonal Fitness PT Progress Check10/24/2016
MeetingPack Check10/20/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting10/17/2016
TrainingMerit Badge Counselor Training10/17/2016
TrainingYouth Protection Training10/17/2016
Special EventCamping MB Clinic10/17/2016
Special EventJOTI10/15/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting10/10/2016
Special EventPersonal Fitness PT Test Progress Check10/10/2016
MeetingZombie Planning10/10/2016
Board of ReviewJames H Star10/10/2016
MeetingPack Check10/6/2016
Special EventPersonal Fitness Requirements Discussion10/3/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/3/2016
ChoreField Day10/2/2016
RideCycling workup10/1/2016
TrainingILST Lockin9/30/2016 - 10/1/2016
MeetingMerit Badge Clinic Planning9/27/2016
TrainingAdult Leader Training9/26/2016
TrainingCycling Merit Badge Clinic9/26/2016
Special EventPersonal Fitness PT test 29/26/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting9/26/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/23/2016
MeetingPack Check9/22/2016
Special EventCourt of Honor9/19/2016
MeetingPack Check9/15/2016
Board of ReviewReece H Second Class9/12/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting9/12/2016
Special EventPersonal Fitness First Test & Intro9/12/2016
MeetingPack Check9/8/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/5/2016
RideCycling workup9/3/2016
MeetingWebelosree Planning8/30/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting8/29/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/26/2016
MeetingPack Check8/24/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting8/22/2016
MeetingPack Check8/18/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting8/15/2016
Board of ReviewWill P Tenderfoot8/15/2016
Board of ReviewGordon S Tenderfoot8/15/2016
Special EventFirst Aid Merit Badge Cleanup8/15/2016
ChoreGear Day8/14/2016
TrainingRange Master Training8/8/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting8/8/2016
Special EventJacob Klein Eagle COH8/5/2016
MeetingPack Check8/4/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/1/2016
Board of ReviewWinten C First Class 8/1/2016
Board of ReviewEthan S Tenderfoot8/1/2016
Service ProjectWhaling Days float prep7/29/2016
MeetingPack Check7/27/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting7/25/2016
TrainingAdult Leader Training7/25/2016
Special EventKyle's Eagle COH7/24/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/22/2016
MeetingPack Check7/14/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/11/2016
MeetingPack Check7/7/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/24/2016
Board of ReviewJacob G First Class6/20/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting6/20/2016
TrainingAdult Leader Training6/20/2016
MeetingPack Check6/19/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/19/2016
Special EventCourt of Honor6/13/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/12/2016
MeetingPack Check6/9/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/6/2016
Board of ReviewAdrian W - 1st Class6/6/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/5/2016
MeetingPack Check6/2/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting5/30/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/27/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/27/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/20/2016
MeetingPack Check5/19/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting5/16/2016
Board of ReviewAyden H - 2nd Class5/16/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/15/2016
MeetingPack Check5/12/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting5/9/2016
TrainingAdult Leader Training5/9/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/8/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/2/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/1/2016
Service ProjectBrandon's Eagle Project5/1/2016
Service ProjectBrandon's Eagle Project4/30/2016
MeetingPack Check4/28/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting4/25/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/24/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/22/2016
MeetingPack Check4/21/2016
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 44/19/2016
TrainingAdult Leader Training4/18/2016
Special EventTenderfoot PT Testing4/18/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting4/18/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/17/2016
MeetingPack Check4/14/2016
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 34/12/2016
Special EventCamping MB Clinic4/11/2016
Special EventFingerprinting MB Clinic4/11/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/11/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/10/2016
TrainingSM/ASM Specific Training4/9/2016
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/9/2016
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/8/2016
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 24/5/2016
ChoreField Day4/3/2016
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/3/2016
TrainingILST Lockin4/1/2016 - 4/2/2016
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 13/29/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting3/28/2016
Board of ReviewJames H - 1st Class3/28/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/25/2016
MeetingPack Check3/24/2016
Board of ReviewJames M - 1st Class3/21/2016
Board of ReviewTristan D - 1st Class3/21/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting3/21/2016
TrainingAdult Leader Training3/21/2016
Service ProjectScouting for Food3/19/2016
MeetingPack Check3/17/2016
Special EventCourt of Honor3/14/2016
MeetingPack Check3/10/2016
Board of ReviewCody H - 2nd Class3/7/2016
Board of ReviewAdrian W - 2nd Class3/7/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/7/2016
Service ProjectSam's Eagle Project - Day 33/6/2016
Service ProjectSam's Eagle Project - Day 23/5/2016
Service ProjectSam's Eagle Project - Day 13/4/2016
TrainingIOLS3/4/2016 - 3/5/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting2/29/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/26/2016
MeetingPack Check2/25/2016
Board of ReviewHayden P - 1st Class2/22/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting2/22/2016
Special EventFirst Aid Merit Badge - extra session2/20/2016
Special EventKlondike Sled Maintenance2/20/2016
Special EventPioneering Merit Badge - Extra Session2/20/2016
Board of ReviewJosh C - Life2/15/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting2/15/2016
MeetingPack Check2/11/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting2/8/2016
TrainingAdult Leader Training2/8/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/1/2016
MeetingPack Check1/28/2016
RecruitingOpen House1/25/2016
ChoreField Day1/23/2016
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/22/2016
Board of ReviewCarsyn M - Tenderfoot1/18/2016
Board of ReviewCayden R - Life1/18/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting1/18/2016
MeetingPack Check1/14/2016
Board of ReviewTristan H - 2nd Class1/11/2016
TrainingWood Badge Presentation1/11/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting1/11/2016
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/4/2016
ChoreGear Day1/2/2016
MeetingTroop Meeting12/21/2015
TrainingAdult Leader Training12/21/2015
MeetingPack Check12/17/2015
Special EventCourt of Honor12/14/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/7/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/6/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 312/6/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/6/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 312/5/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/5/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/5/2015
MeetingPack Check12/3/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting11/30/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 311/29/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 211/29/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 111/29/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 111/28/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 311/28/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 211/28/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/27/2015
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup11/27/2015
Board of ReviewSterling S - 2nd Class11/23/2015
Board of ReviewAyden H - Tenderfoot 11/23/2015
Board of ReviewJames H - 2nd Class11/23/2015
Special EventJoint Eagle COH11/23/2015
Special EventChess Lockin11/20/2015 - 11/21/2015
MeetingPack Check11/12/2015
TrainingEagle Advancement Q & A11/9/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting11/9/2015
MeetingPack Check11/5/2015
MeetingMerit Badge Clinic Committee11/5/2015
Board of ReviewGavin H - Life11/2/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/2/2015
Board of ReviewReece H - Tenderfoot11/2/2015
Board of ReviewHayden P - Second Class10/26/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting10/26/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/23/2015
MeetingPack Check10/22/2015
Board of ReviewCaden H - Star10/19/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting10/19/2015
MeetingPack Check10/15/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting10/12/2015
Board of ReviewAlex B - Tenderfoot10/12/2015
MeetingPack Check10/8/2015
MeetingWebelos-ree final coordination Meeting10/7/2015
Special EventPersonal Fitness Merit Badge Lesson - 210/5/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/5/2015
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup10/3/2015
TrainingILST Lockin10/2/2015 - 10/3/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting9/28/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/25/2015
MeetingPack Check9/24/2015
Special EventCourt of Honor9/21/2015
Service ProjectBen M's Eagle Scout Project Shift 39/20/2015
Service ProjectBen M's Eagle Project - Shift 29/19/2015
Service ProjectBen M's Eagle Project - Shift 19/19/2015
Service ProjectBen M's Eagle Project9/18/2015
MeetingWebelos-ree Planning9/16/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review9/14/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting9/14/2015
Special EventMining in Society MB Clinic9/14/2015
Board of ReviewCollin R - Life9/14/2015
TrainingAdult Leader Training9/14/2015
Board of ReviewAngelo P -First Class9/14/2015
MeetingPack Check9/10/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/7/2015
ChoreGear Day- 9/6/2015
MeetingWebelos-ree Planning Committee9/2/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting8/31/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/28/2015
MeetingPack Check8/27/2015
Special EventCrime Prevention MB Field Trip8/26/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting8/24/2015
TrainingAdult Youth Protection Training (YPT)8/24/2015
Special EventPersonal Fitness Merit Badge Kick Off8/24/2015
MeetingPack Check8/18/2015
Board of ReviewCaleb F - Life8/17/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting8/17/2015
Special EventCrime Prevention MB Clinic8/17/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review8/10/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting8/10/2015
TrainingTroop Committee Challenge8/10/2015
MeetingPack Check8/6/2015
MeetingWebelos-ree Planning Committee8/5/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/3/2015
Special EventCrime Prevention MB Clinic8/3/2015
Board of ReviewMyron D - Life8/3/2015
ChoreGear Day8/2/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/24/2015
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/24/2015
MeetingPack Check7/23/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting7/20/2015
Board of ReviewBen K - First Class7/20/2015
Board of ReviewDaniel D - Star7/20/2015
MeetingPack Check7/16/2015
Service ProjectThias' Eagle Project7/14/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting7/13/2015
Service ProjectThias' Eagle Project7/13/2015
MeetingPack Check7/8/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/6/2015
Service ProjectThias' Eagle Project7/5/2015
MeetingWebelos-ree Planning Committee7/1/2015
Board of ReviewRaymond R - 1st class6/29/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting6/29/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/28/2015
ChoreGear Day6/28/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/26/2015
MeetingPack Check6/18/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/18/2015
Special EventCourt of Honor6/15/2015
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2015
MeetingPack Check6/11/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/11/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review6/8/2015
Board of ReviewReilly H - 1st class6/8/2015
Board of ReviewReagan A - 1st class6/8/2015
Board of ReviewJacob G -Tenderfoot6/8/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting6/8/2015
MeetingPack Check6/4/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/2/2015
Board of ReviewSterling W - Life6/1/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/1/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/28/2015
MeetingPack Check5/28/2015
Board of ReviewDavid K - Life5/25/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/25/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting5/25/2015
ChoreGear Day5/23/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/22/2015
Service ProjectSeth's Eagle Project - Day 25/17/2015
Service ProjectSeth's Eagle Project - Day 15/16/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/14/2015
MeetingPack Check5/14/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review5/11/2015
Board of ReviewJared S - 2nd class5/11/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting5/11/2015
Special EventRisk Tournament Lockin5/8/2015 - 5/9/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/7/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/4/2015
MeetingPack Check4/30/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/27/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting4/27/2015
ChoreCamporee Prep4/25/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/24/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/24/2015
MeetingPack Check4/23/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting4/20/2015
Board of ReviewReagan A - 2nd class4/20/2015
Special EventPioneering MB Clinic4/20/2015
Board of ReviewDavid K - Life 4/20/2015
Board of ReviewJarred E - Life4/20/2015
ChoreRope Bridge Rigging4/19/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/16/2015
MeetingPack Check4/16/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review4/13/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/13/2015
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/11/2015
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/10/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/10/2015
TrainingIOLS4/10/2015 - 4/11/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/9/2015
TrainingSM/ASM Specific Training4/4/2015
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup4/4/2015
TrainingILST Lockin4/3/2015 - 4/4/2015
Special EventPioneering Merit Badge Clinic Part 23/30/2015
Board of ReviewBen M - Star3/30/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting3/30/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/27/2015
MeetingPack Check3/26/2015
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field3/26/2015
MeetingSM/ASM Specific Training3/24/2015
Special EventPioneering MB Clinic3/23/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting3/23/2015
Service ProjectScouting for Food delivery3/21/2015
MeetingPack Check3/19/2015
Special EventCourt of Honor3/16/2015
MeetingPack Check3/12/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting3/9/2015
Board of ReviewWyatt H - Tenderfoot3/9/2015
Board of ReviewCayden R - Star 3/9/2015
Board of ReviewJJ S - Star 3/9/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review3/9/2015
Board of ReviewBen M - Life3/9/2015
Board of ReviewTristan D - 2nd Class3/9/2015
ChoreSpar Barn Raising- Day 23/8/2015
Special EventCamping Merit Badge Clinic3/2/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/2/2015
ChoreSpar Barn Raising- Day 13/1/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/27/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting2/23/2015
Special EventFingerprinting MB Clinic - Day 22/23/2015
MeetingPack Check2/19/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting2/16/2015
Board of ReviewConner H - Star2/16/2015
Patrol EventSled Prep2/14/2015
ChoreGear Day2/14/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review2/9/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting2/9/2015
Special EventFingerprinting MB Clinic2/2/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/2/2015
MeetingPack Check1/29/2015
RecruitingOpen House1/26/2015
ChoreGear Day1/25/2015
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/23/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting1/19/2015
MeetingPack Check1/15/2015
Board of ReviewWilliam J - 1st Class1/12/2015
MeetingAdvancement Review1/12/2015
Board of ReviewCaden H - 1st Class1/12/2015
Board of ReviewAndrew C - Life1/12/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting1/12/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/5/2015
Board of ReviewWesley S - 2nd and 1st class 1/5/2015
ChoreGear Day1/4/2015
MeetingTroop Meeting12/22/2014
MeetingPack Check12/18/2014
Special EventCourt of Honor12/15/2014
Fund RaiserHawaiian Luau12/12/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting12/8/2014
Board of ReviewGavin H - Star 12/8/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review12/8/2014
Board of ReviewReagan A - Tenderfoot 12/8/2014
NoticePhysical Fitness Test12/8/2014
Board of ReviewTristan D - Tenderfoot12/8/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/6/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/6/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/6/2014
MeetingPack Check12/4/2014
MeetingMerit Badge Clinic Steering Committee12/2/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/1/2014
Board of ReviewCaleb F - Star12/1/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/29/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/29/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/29/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/29/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/28/2014
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup11/28/2014
Special EventChess Lockin11/21/2014 - 11/22/2014
Board of ReviewDaniel D - 1st class11/10/2014
Board of ReviewSterling S - Tenderfoot11/10/2014
Board of ReviewJosh C - Star11/10/2014
NoticePhysical Fitness Test11/10/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review11/10/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting11/10/2014
ChoreGear Day/Parking Lot Cleanup11/8/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/3/2014
ChoreGear Day11/1/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting10/27/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/24/2014
MeetingPack Check10/23/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting10/20/2014
Board of ReviewReilly H - 2nd Class10/20/2014
Special EventJOTA/JOTI and Radio MB10/18/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review10/13/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting10/13/2014
Board of ReviewRaymond R - 2nd Class10/13/2014
NoticePhysical Fitness Test10/13/2014
Board of ReviewConnor M - Star10/13/2014
MeetingPack Check10/9/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/6/2014
ChoreGear Day10/5/2014
ChoreVFW Hall cleanup10/4/2014
TrainingILST Lockin10/3/2014 - 10/4/2014
MeetingJoint Eagle COH Planning9/29/2014
Board of ReviewCaden H - 2nd Class9/29/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting9/29/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/26/2014
MeetingPack Check9/25/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting9/22/2014
Board of ReviewBen M - 1st Class9/22/2014
Board of ReviewGavin H - Star9/22/2014
Board of ReviewConner H - 1st Class 9/22/2014
MeetingPack Check9/18/2014
Special EventCourt of Honor9/15/2014
MeetingPack Check9/11/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review9/8/2014
NoticePhysical Fitness Test9/8/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/8/2014
MeetingPack Check9/4/2014
Special EventCamping MB Clinic9/1/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting9/1/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field8/31/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting8/25/2014
ChoreSetup for the Barbeque8/24/2014
Fund RaiserSummer Barbeque8/24/2014
Service ProjectNate S - Eagle8/22/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/22/2014
Service ProjectJosh W- Eagle8/22/2014
MeetingPack Check8/21/2014
Service ProjectJosh W- Eagle8/20/2014
Service ProjectJosh W- Eagle8/19/2014
Special EventSearch and Rescue Merit Badge Clinic 8/18/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field8/18/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting8/18/2014
MeetingPack Check8/14/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review8/11/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting8/11/2014
NoticePhysical Fitness Test8/11/2014
Special EventSearch and Rescue Merit Badge Clinic 8/11/2014
Special EventJessie D - Eagle COH8/10/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/4/2014
MeetingSailing Outing Pack Check7/31/2014
MeetingSummer Camp Pack Check7/31/2014
Board of ReviewReilly H - Tenderfoot7/28/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/25/2014
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/25/2014
MeetingPack Check7/24/2014
Board of ReviewNick O - Star7/21/2014
Board of ReviewWilliam J - 2nd Class7/21/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting7/21/2014
MeetingPack Check7/17/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review7/14/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting7/14/2014
MeetingPack Check7/10/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/7/2014
Board of ReviewB. Mauk 2nd Class7/7/2014
Board of ReviewCameron C - Tenderfoot7/7/2014
Board of ReviewConner H - 2nd Class7/7/2014
Service ProjectAndrew L's Eagle Project, Shift 47/6/2014
Service ProjectAndrew L's Eagle Project, Shift 57/6/2014
Service ProjectAndrew L's Eagle Project, Shift 17/5/2014
Service ProjectAndrew L's Eagle Project, Shift 27/5/2014
Service ProjectAndrew L's Eagle Project, Shift 37/5/2014
Special EventSwimming MB Classroom Session6/30/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting6/30/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/28/2014
RideCycling Workup6/28/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/27/2014
RideCycling Workup6/21/2014
ChoreGear Day6/21/2014
MeetingPhilmont Pack Check6/19/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/19/2014
ChoreSetting up the COH6/16/2014
Special EventCourt of Honor6/16/2014
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2014
Board of ReviewBrannon H - Life6/13/2014
Special EventWyatt's Eagle COH6/13/2014
Special EventCit in the Community workshop6/9/2014
Board of ReviewBen K - 2nd Class6/9/2014
Board of ReviewCaden H - Tenderfoot6/9/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/9/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review6/9/2014
Service ProjectJosh B Eagle Project6/8/2014
Service ProjectJosh B Eagle Project6/7/2014
MeetingPack Check6/5/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/2/2014
Board of ReviewTreven F - Tenderfoot6/2/2014
RideCycling Workup5/31/2014
MeetingPack Check5/29/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/29/2014
Board of ReviewSam H - Star5/26/2014
Special EventCit in the Community workshop5/26/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting5/26/2014
Service ProjectChris Kelley's Eagle Project5/25/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/24/2014
Service ProjectChris Kelley's Eagle Project - shift 25/24/2014
Service ProjectChris Kelley's Eagle Project - shift 35/24/2014
Service ProjectChris Kelley's Eagle Project - shift 15/24/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/23/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/17/2014
MeetingPack Check5/15/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/15/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting5/12/2014
Special EventCit in the Community workshop5/12/2014
Board of ReviewMichael S - Tenderfoot5/12/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/6/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting5/5/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/5/2014
MeetingPack Check5/1/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/29/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting4/28/2014
Board of ReviewCayden R - 1st Class 4/28/2014
Special EventChris Walls - Eagle COH4/27/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/27/2014
MeetingChris Wall's Eagle COH Practice4/25/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/25/2014
MeetingPack Check4/24/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/22/2014
Board of ReviewCaleb F - 1st class4/21/2014
Board of ReviewBen M - Tenderfoot4/21/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting4/21/2014
RideCycling Workup4/19/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/19/2014
MeetingPack Check4/17/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/15/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review4/14/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting4/14/2014
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/12/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/12/2014
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/11/2014
MeetingPack Check4/10/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/8/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting4/7/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/7/2014
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup4/6/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/5/2014
RideCycling Workup4/5/2014
ChoreGear Day4/5/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/2/2014
Special EventMitchell G - Eagle COH3/29/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/28/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting3/24/2014
MeetingSummer Camp Attendees3/24/2014
Special EventCourt of Honor3/17/2014
MeetingPack Check3/13/2014
Special EventCharter Presentation3/12/2014
Board of ReviewBen M - Star3/10/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting3/10/2014
Board of ReviewCharles L - Life3/10/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review3/10/2014
Board of ReviewAngelo P - Tenderfoot3/10/2014
Board of ReviewOtis L - Life3/10/2014
Board of ReviewJJ M - 2nd Class3/10/2014
NoticePhoto Night3/10/2014
MeetingPack Check3/6/2014
RecruitingPack 4539 Crossover3/5/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/3/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting3/3/2014
Special EventCamping MB Class3/3/2014
Special EventElectronics MB mini-clinic3/1/2014
Service ProjectJessie's Eagle Project3/1/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/28/2014
MeetingPack Check2/27/2014
Board of ReviewDavid K - Star2/24/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting2/24/2014
MeetingPack Check2/20/2014
Board of ReviewJoshua O - Tenderfoot2/17/2014
Board of ReviewJed O - 1st Class2/17/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting2/17/2014
MeetingPack Check2/13/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting2/10/2014
Board of ReviewJosh W - Life2/10/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review2/10/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/3/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting2/3/2014
RecruitingOpen House1/27/2014
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup1/26/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/24/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting1/20/2014
MeetingPack Check1/16/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review1/13/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting1/13/2014
Board of ReviewNick O - 2nd Class/1st Class1/13/2014
ChoreGear Day1/12/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/6/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting1/6/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting12/23/2013
Fund RaiserHawaiian Luau12/20/2013
MeetingPack Check12/19/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor12/16/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting12/9/2013
TrainingBackpacking/Camping Gear Clinic for Adults12/9/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/8/2013
MeetingPreliminary Troop Budget12/8/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/8/2013
MeetingOrca District Planning Meeting12/7/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/7/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/7/2013
Fund RaiserPampered Chef12/7/2013
Special EventChess Night Lockin12/6/2013 - 12/7/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/2/2013
MeetingPhilmont Meeting12/2/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/1/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/1/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/1/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup11/30/2013
MeetingPack Check11/21/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting11/18/2013
Board of ReviewJarred E - Star11/18/2013
Special EventMovie Night Lock In11/8/2013 - 11/9/2013
Board of ReviewJosh B - Life11/4/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/4/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting10/28/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/25/2013
MeetingPack Check10/24/2013
Board of ReviewRichard S - Tenderfoot10/21/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting10/21/2013
MeetingPack Check10/17/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting10/14/2013
ChoreVFW Hall Installation10/13/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/7/2013
Board of ReviewMyron D - Star10/7/2013
Board of ReviewJed O - 2nd Class10/7/2013
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup10/6/2013
TrainingILST Lockin10/4/2013 - 10/5/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting9/30/2013
Board of ReviewRaymond R - Tenderfoot9/30/2013
Board of ReviewConnor H - Tenderfoot9/30/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/27/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting9/23/2013
Board of ReviewCaleb F - 2nd Class9/23/2013
MeetingPack Check9/19/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor9/16/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/9/2013
Board of ReviewKyle S - Life9/9/2013
Service ProjectJack's Eagle Project9/8/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field9/7/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting9/2/2013
MeetingPack Check8/27/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting8/26/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/23/2013
MeetingPack Check8/15/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting8/12/2013
MeetingPack Check8/8/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/5/2013
MeetingPack Check8/1/2013
Board of ReviewCollin R - Star7/29/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting7/29/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/29/2013
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/26/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/26/2013
MeetingPack Check7/24/2013
ChoreBlowing down the Parking Lot7/24/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting7/22/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/21/2013
MeetingPack Check7/11/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/10/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting7/8/2013
MeetingPack Check7/3/2013
Special EventAdvancement Review7/1/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/1/2013
ChoreScoutmaster Projects6/30/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/29/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/28/2013
MeetingPack Check6/20/2013
MeetingRope Practice for the Brothers6/19/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor6/17/2013
Special EventJoint Eagle Court of Honor6/16/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/15/2013
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2013
MeetingPack Check6/13/2013
Special EventJoint Eagle Court of Honor (Practice)6/13/2013
Board of ReviewBen K - Tenderfoot6/13/2013
Special EventCamping MB Class6/10/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting6/10/2013
MeetingPack Check6/6/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/3/2013
Board of ReviewNathan S - Tenderfoot6/3/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/1/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting5/27/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/25/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/24/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting5/20/2013
Board of ReviewCaleb F - Tenderfoot5/20/2013
Board of ReviewKillian F - Tenderfoot5/20/2013
Board of ReviewJJ S - 2nd Class5/20/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/19/2013
MeetingPack Check5/16/2013
OA EventServing at Orca District Recognition Event5/15/2013
NoticeOrca District Recognition Dinner5/15/2013
Service ProjectChris' Eagle Project5/11/2013
Fund RaiserPinewood Grand Prix5/10/2013
MeetingPinewood Grand Prix Setup5/9/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/6/2013
MeetingPack Check5/2/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting4/29/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/26/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/24/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting4/22/2013
Board of ReviewNate S - Life4/22/2013
MeetingPack Check4/18/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting4/15/2013
NoticePhoto Night4/15/2013
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/13/2013
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup4/13/2013
TrainingILST Lockin4/12/2013 - 4/13/2013
ChoreRummage Sale Setup-4/12/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/8/2013
Board of ReviewThias D - Life4/8/2013
Board of ReviewOwen S - 2nd Class4/8/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting3/25/2013
Board of ReviewSteven W - Tenderfoot3/25/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/22/2013
MeetingPack Check3/21/2013
Board of ReviewJosh W - Star3/18/2013
MeetingAdvancement Review3/18/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting3/18/2013
Special EventMichael Jewett's Eagle COH3/17/2013
Special EventEagle COH Practice3/16/2013
Special EventCharter Presentation3/13/2013
Board of ReviewMike N - Eagle Palm3/11/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor3/11/2013
MeetingPack Check3/7/2013
Board of ReviewDean H - Star3/4/2013
Board of ReviewDavid K - 2nd Class3/4/2013
Board of ReviewBrandon T - Life3/4/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/4/2013
Board of ReviewBen L - Tenderfoot3/4/2013
MeetingPack Check2/28/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting2/25/2013
Special EventMike Newman's Eagle COH2/24/2013
Service ProjectAlex's Eagle Project2/23/2013
TrainingIOLS2/22/2013 - 2/23/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/22/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting2/18/2013
Board of ReviewJed 0 - Tenderfoot2/18/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting2/11/2013
MeetingPack Check2/7/2013
Patrol EventEagle Patrol Meeting2/6/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/4/2013
ChoreSled Prep/Storage cleanup2/2/2013
RecruitingOpen House1/28/2013
ChoreOpen House Hall Cleanup1/26/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/25/2013
Board of ReviewRyan M - Star1/21/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting1/21/2013
Fund RaiserChili Cookoff1/19/2013
Board of ReviewTyler Q - 2nd Class1/14/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting1/14/2013
MeetingPack Check1/10/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/7/2013
ChorePainting the back hall1/4/2013
ChoreScout Hall Work Day12/29/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor12/17/2012
MeetingPack Check12/13/2012
Board of ReviewSeth H - Life12/10/2012
Board of ReviewMyron D - 1st Class12/10/2012
Board of ReviewJarred E - 1st Class12/10/2012
Board of ReviewGavin H - 1st Class12/10/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review12/10/2012
Board of ReviewChris Q - 1st Class12/10/2012
Board of ReviewAustin A - Eagle Palm (Silver)12/10/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting12/10/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/9/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/9/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 312/8/2012
MeetingOrca District Planning Meeting12/8/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/8/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/8/2012
Special EventMovie Night Lockin12/7/2012 - 12/8/2012
Patrol EventEagle Patrol Meeting12/5/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/3/2012
Board of ReviewJosh C - Tenderfoot12/3/2012
Board of ReviewEthan W - Life12/3/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/2/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 312/2/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/2/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup from Farm12/1/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/1/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/1/2012
MeetingPack Check11/29/2012
Special EventChess Tournament Lockin11/16/2012 - 11/17/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting11/12/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review11/12/2012
Patrol EventEagle Patrol Meeting11/7/2012
NoticeWreath Orders Due!11/5/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/5/2012
Board of ReviewMitchell G - Life 11/5/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/29/2012
Service ProjectPhillip's Eagle Project - Day 210/28/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/26/2012
MeetingPack Check10/25/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/22/2012
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup10/21/2012
Service ProjectPhillip's Eagle Project - Day 110/21/2012
TrainingILST Lockin10/19/2012 - 10/20/2012
Board of ReviewChris K - Life10/15/2012
Board of ReviewJ.J. S - Tenderfoot10/15/2012
Board of ReviewDaniel K - Life10/15/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/15/2012
MeetingPack Check10/11/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review10/8/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/8/2012
MeetingPack Check10/4/2012
Board of ReviewChris Q - 2nd Class10/1/2012
Board of ReviewMyron D - 2nd Class10/1/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/1/2012
Service ProjectAndrew C's Eagle Project9/30/2012
Special EventWoodwork Merit Badge Clinic9/29/2012
Service ProjectAndrew C's Eagle Project9/29/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/28/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting9/24/2012
Board of ReviewCayden R - Tenderfoot 9/24/2012
Board of ReviewSpencer S - 1st Class9/24/2012
Board of ReviewDean H - 1st Class9/24/2012
MeetingPack Check9/20/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor9/17/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review9/10/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting9/10/2012
MeetingPack Check9/6/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/3/2012
NoticePopcorn Sales Start8/31/2012
Special EventMedicine Merit Badge Class8/29/2012
Special EventCamping Merit Badge Class8/27/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting8/27/2012
Board of ReviewBen M - Tenderfoot8/27/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/24/2012
MeetingPack Check8/23/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting8/20/2012
MeetingPack Check8/15/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting8/13/2012
MeetingNYLT Pack Check8/9/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field8/9/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/6/2012
MeetingPack Check8/2/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/29/2012
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/27/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/27/2012
MeetingPack Check7/26/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting7/23/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/17/2012
MeetingPack Check7/12/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting7/9/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/9/2012
MeetingPack Check7/8/2012
MeetingPack Check7/5/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/2/2012
OA EventBrotherhood Ceremony6/25/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/23/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/22/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting6/18/2012
Special EventBangor Obstacle Course6/16/2012
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2012
MeetingPhilmont Pack Check6/14/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor6/11/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/9/2012
MeetingPack Check6/7/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting6/4/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/4/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/2/2012
MeetingPack Check5/31/2012
Special EventPersonal Management merit badge session5/30/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting5/28/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/25/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/24/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting5/21/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/19/2012
MeetingPack Check5/17/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/12/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/7/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/7/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting5/7/2012
MeetingPack Check5/3/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 45/1/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting4/30/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/28/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/27/2012
MeetingPack Check4/26/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 34/24/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/23/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting4/23/2012
MeetingPack Check4/19/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 24/17/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting4/16/2012
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/14/2012
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup4/14/2012
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/13/2012
TrainingILST Lockin4/13/2012 - 4/14/2012
MeetingPack Check4/12/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 14/10/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/9/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting4/9/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting3/26/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/23/2012
MeetingPack Check3/22/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting3/19/2012
Special EventCharter Presentation to the VFW3/14/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor3/12/2012
MeetingPack Check3/9/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting3/5/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/5/2012
MeetingPack Check3/1/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting2/27/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/24/2012
MeetingPack Check2/23/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting2/20/2012
Special EventTravis' Eagle COH2/18/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting2/13/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting2/13/2012
MeetingPack Check2/9/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/6/2012
MeetingSeven Year Plan2/4/2012
RecruitingOpen House1/30/2012
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup1/28/2012
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/27/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting1/23/2012
Special EventAviation MB Class1/16/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting1/16/2012
MeetingPack Check1/12/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting1/9/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review1/9/2012
Special EventGame Night1/6/2012 - 1/7/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting1/2/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/2/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting12/19/2011
MeetingPack Check12/15/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor12/12/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/11/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/10/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 312/10/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 212/10/2011
Special EventMovie Night Lockin12/9/2011 - 12/10/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/5/2011
MeetingPhilmont Meeting12/5/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/4/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 212/4/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 312/4/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 212/3/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree pickup from Farm12/3/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/3/2011
MeetingPack Check12/1/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting11/28/2011
MeetingGear stowing11/16/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/7/2011
MeetingPhilmont Meeting11/7/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/31/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/28/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/24/2011
MeetingPack Check10/20/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/17/2011
MeetingPack Check10/13/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review10/10/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/10/2011
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup10/8/2011
TrainingILST Lockin10/7/2011 - 10/8/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/3/2011
MeetingPhilmont Meeting10/3/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting9/26/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/23/2011
MeetingPack Check9/22/2011
Board of ReviewCraig O - Eagle9/21/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor9/19/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review9/12/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/12/2011
MeetingPack Check9/8/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting9/5/2011
Service ProjectZak's Eagle Project9/5/2011
NoticeCamping Merit Badge Clinic9/5/2011
Service ProjectZak's Eagle Project9/4/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting8/29/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/26/2011
MeetingPack Check8/25/2011
NoticeAhrens' Retirement and Family Fairwell8/25/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting8/22/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting8/15/2011
Service ProjectBryson's Eagle Project8/15/2011
Service ProjectBryson's Eagle Project8/13/2011
NoticeVFW Post Picnic8/13/2011
Service ProjectBryson's Eagle Project8/12/2011
MeetingPack Check8/11/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project8/11/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review8/8/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/8/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/30/2011
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/29/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/28/2011
MeetingPack Check7/28/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting7/25/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/24/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/23/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/22/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/21/2011
ChoreRemoving Scotch Broom7/18/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting7/18/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/17/2011
MeetingPack Check7/14/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/11/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review7/11/2011
Special EventCamping Merit Badge Clinic7/11/2011
MeetingPack Check7/7/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting7/4/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles7/2/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/30/2011
MeetingPack Check6/30/2011
MeetingPack Check6/29/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles6/25/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/24/2011
MeetingPack Check6/21/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting6/20/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/19/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles6/18/2011
Special EventFamily BBQ6/18/2011
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor6/13/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/11/2011
MeetingPack Check6/9/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review6/6/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/6/2011
ChoreLawn Mowing6/6/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/4/2011
MeetingPack Check6/2/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/31/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting5/30/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/27/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/26/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting5/23/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/19/2011
MeetingPack Check5/19/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/17/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/14/2011
RideWorkup ride- 20 miles5/14/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/10/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting5/9/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review5/9/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/7/2011
MeetingPack Check5/5/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/3/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/2/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles5/1/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/30/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting4/25/2011
ChoreLawn Maintenance/Blackberry Clearing4/23/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/22/2011
TrainingTLT Lockin4/22/2011 - 4/23/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/18/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting4/18/2011
MeetingPack Check4/14/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting4/11/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review4/11/2011
NoticePhoto Night4/11/2011
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/9/2011
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/8/2011
MeetingPack Check4/7/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/4/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast4/2/2011
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup4/2/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/25/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting3/21/2011
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Pickup3/20/2011
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Distribution3/19/2011
MeetingPack Check3/17/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor3/14/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/7/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review3/7/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast3/5/2011
MeetingPack Check3/3/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting2/28/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/25/2011
MeetingPack Check2/24/2011
MeetingPhilmont Kickoff Meeting (Crew 2)2/21/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting2/21/2011
Special EventAutomotive Maintenance MB (1st day)2/16/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting2/14/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review2/14/2011
Patrol EventOttrrrr Sled Building - Day 32/10/2011
MeetingPack Check2/10/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/7/2011
Patrol EventOttrrr Sled Building - Day 22/7/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast2/5/2011
Patrol EventOttrrrr Sled Building - Day 12/5/2011
RecruitingOpen House1/31/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/28/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting1/24/2011
ChoreCleaning the Hall for Open House1/22/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting1/17/2011
MeetingPack Check1/13/2011
MeetingPhilmont Kick Off Meeting1/10/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting1/10/2011
Service ProjectChristmas Tree Recycling- Pickup1/8/2011
Service ProjectParking Lot Cleanup1/8/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast1/8/2011
Special EventGame Night/Lock-in1/7/2011 - 1/8/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/3/2011
MeetingPack Check12/16/2010
Special EventAustin's Eagle COH12/16/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor12/13/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast12/11/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/6/2010
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/5/2010
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/4/2010
MeetingPack Check12/2/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting11/29/2010
Board of ReviewTommy C - Eagle11/27/2010
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup!11/13/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast11/13/2010
Special EventMovie Night/Lock-in11/12/2010 - 11/13/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting11/8/2010
MeetingPack Check11/4/2010
Special EventPathfinder MB11/4/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/1/2010
Special EventCarpentry MB Clinic Day 210/28/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting10/25/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/22/2010
MeetingPack Check10/21/2010
Special EventCarpentry MB Clinic 10/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting10/18/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting10/11/2010
TrainingYouth Protection Training10/11/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast10/9/2010
TrainingTLT Lockin10/8/2010 - 10/9/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/4/2010
MeetingPack Check9/30/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting9/27/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/24/2010
MeetingPack Check9/23/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting9/20/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor9/13/2010
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Pickup9/12/2010
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Distribution9/11/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast9/11/2010
MeetingPack Check9/9/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/6/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/30/2010
Service ProjectVFW District Picnic8/28/2010
ChoreMowing the Ball Field8/27/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/23/2010
MeetingPack Check8/19/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/16/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast8/14/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/9/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/5/2010
MeetingPack Check8/5/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/4/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/3/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/2/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/1/2010
ChoreMowing the Ball Field8/1/2010
PaddleCanoe workup7/31/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting7/26/2010
ChoreBall Field Mowing7/25/2010
Service ProjectRock Moving7/24/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/23/2010
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/23/2010
ChoreBall Field Maintenance7/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting7/19/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing7/18/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast7/10/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project7/10/2010
MeetingCanoe 50-miler Planning Mtg7/10/2010
MeetingSummer Camp Pack Check7/10/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/5/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting6/28/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/26/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/25/2010
MeetingPack Check6/24/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project6/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting6/21/2010
MeetingPLC- Annual Schedule6/21/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/19/2010
MeetingPack Check6/17/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project6/17/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor6/14/2010
Special EventSpencer's Eagle COH6/12/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/12/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project6/10/2010
MeetingPack Check6/10/2010
MeetingCommittee Meeting6/7/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/5/2010
MeetingPack Check6/3/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting6/2/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting5/31/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/28/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing5/24/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting5/24/2010
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 25/23/2010
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 15/22/2010
MeetingPack Check5/12/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting5/12/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting5/10/2010
ChoreWeed Whacking5/8/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast5/8/2010
ChoreSweep up Parking Lot5/7/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing5/6/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting5/5/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/3/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing5/1/2010
MeetingPack Check4/29/2010
MeetingAdvancement Review4/26/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting4/26/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing4/24/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/23/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting4/19/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing4/19/2010
MeetingPack Check4/15/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting4/14/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting4/12/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing4/12/2010
ChoreVFW Roof Repair4/10/2010
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/10/2010
TrainingTLT Lockin4/9/2010 - 4/10/2010
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/9/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting4/7/2010
ChoreVFW Hall Tree Removal & Roof Repair4/6/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/5/2010
ChoreVFW Hall Tree Removal4/3/2010
ChoreWell Pump Install3/31/2010
ChoreWell Pump Removal3/27/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/26/2010
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup3/24/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting3/22/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting3/18/2010
MeetingPack Check3/18/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor3/15/2010
Service ProjectScouting for Food Pickup3/14/2010
Service ProjectHerman's Eagle Project3/14/2010
Service ProjectHerman's Eagle Project3/13/2010
Service ProjectScouting for Food Distro3/13/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast3/13/2010
Service ProjectHerman's Eagle Project3/12/2010
Special EventCharter Presentation3/10/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting3/8/2010
MeetingPack Check3/4/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/1/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/26/2010
MeetingPack Check2/25/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting2/22/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting2/18/2010
MeetingPack Check2/18/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting2/15/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast2/13/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Weekend2/12/2010 - 2/13/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting2/8/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/1/2010
RecruitingOpen House1/25/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/22/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting1/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting1/18/2010
Special EventMovie Night/Lock-in1/15/2010 - 1/16/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting1/11/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting1/7/2010
MeetingPack Check1/7/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/4/2010
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Recycling Pickup1/2/2010
MeetingPack Check12/17/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting12/17/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor12/14/2009
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/13/2009
TrainingTLT Lockin12/12/2009 - 12/13/2009
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/12/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast12/12/2009
Special EventGame Night/Lock-in12/11/2009 - 12/12/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/7/2009
MeetingPack Check12/3/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting12/3/2009
MeetingAdvancement Reveiw11/30/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting11/30/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting11/23/2009
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup11/21/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting11/19/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast11/14/2009
NoticePopcorn Pickup11/14/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting11/9/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting11/5/2009
MeetingPack Check11/5/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/2/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting10/26/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/23/2009
MeetingPack Check10/22/2009
Special EventSM & ASM Appreciation Night10/19/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting10/15/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting10/12/2009
MeetingPack Check10/8/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/5/2009
Service ProjectScouting For Food- Pickup10/4/2009
Service ProjectScouting For Food- Distro10/3/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast10/3/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting10/1/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting9/28/2009
Service ProjectSpencer's Eagle Project9/27/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/25/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing9/24/2009
Service ProjectSpencer's Eagle Project9/24/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor9/21/2009
Special EventSurvivorman Lock-in9/18/2009 - 9/19/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting9/14/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast9/12/2009
MeetingPack Check9/10/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/7/2009
MeetingPack Check9/3/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting8/31/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/28/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting8/24/2009
ChoreTent Washing8/23/2009
MeetingPack Check8/23/2009
MeetingPack Check8/19/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing8/18/2009
Meeting50 Miler Planning Session8/17/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting8/17/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast8/8/2009
MeetingPack Check8/6/2009
ChoreMow Ball Field8/5/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/3/2009
MeetingPack Check7/29/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting7/27/2009
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/25/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/24/2009
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/24/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting7/20/2009
Special EventPersonal Management Merit Badge Class7/20/2009
MeetingPack Check7/16/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting7/13/2009
ChoreSweeping VFW Parking Lot7/10/2009
ChoreVFW Lawn/Field Mowing7/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/6/2009
ChoreMow Ball Field7/4/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting6/29/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/27/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/26/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/22/2009
MeetingPack Check6/18/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor6/15/2009
Service ProjectVFW Flag Retirement Ceremony6/14/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/14/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting6/8/2009
Service ProjectBrody's Eagle Project- Shift 16/6/2009
Service ProjectBrody's Eagle Project- Shift 26/6/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/4/2009
Patrol EventPanther Patrol Project6/2/2009
Special EventPersonal Management Merit Badge class6/1/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/1/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/30/2009
MeetingPack Check5/28/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting5/25/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/23/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/22/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/16/2009
MeetingPack Check5/14/2009
Special EventFamily Life Merit Badge class5/11/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting5/11/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/11/2009
TrainingTLT/Lock-in5/8/2009 - 5/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/4/2009
Service ProjectVFW Breakfast5/2/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/2/2009
MeetingPack Check4/30/2009
Special EventAdvancement Review4/27/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting4/27/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing4/26/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/24/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting4/20/2009
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/18/2009
Fund RaiserRummage Sale- Setup4/17/2009
MeetingPack Check4/16/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting4/13/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/6/2009
Service ProjectVFW Breakfast4/4/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/27/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting3/23/2009
Service ProjectVFW Hall - Yard Cleanup3/22/2009
Service ProjectScouting for Food- Pickup3/22/2009
Service ProjectScouting for Food- Distribution3/21/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor3/16/2009
Special EventCharter Presentation3/11/2009
MeetingPack Check3/11/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting3/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/2/2009
MeetingPack Check2/26/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting2/23/2009
MeetingPack Check2/19/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting2/16/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting2/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/2/2009
TrainingCPR Training1/31/2009
RecruitingOpen House1/26/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting1/19/2009
MeetingPack Check1/15/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting1/12/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/5/2009
Special EventGame Night/Lock-in1/3/2009 - 1/4/2009
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree recycling1/3/2009
MeetingPLC Pizza Night12/29/2008
Special EventMovie Night/Lock-in12/20/2008 - 12/21/2008
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Collection- Flyer distribution12/20/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor12/15/2008
MeetingPack Check12/11/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/1/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting11/24/2008
MeetingPack Check11/13/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting11/10/2008
MeetingPack Check Training11/10/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/3/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting10/27/2008
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup10/26/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting10/20/2008
MeetingPack Check10/16/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting10/13/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/6/2008
MeetingPack Check10/2/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting9/29/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting9/22/2008
MeetingPack Check9/18/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor9/15/2008
Service ProjectVFW Rummage Sale9/13/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting9/8/2008
ChoreTent Washing9/7/2008
MeetingPack Check9/4/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/1/2008
MeetingPack Check8/28/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing8/28/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC8/25/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting8/18/2008
NoticeCommittee Meeting8/4/2008
MeetingPack Check7/31/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting7/28/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting7/21/2008
MeetingPack Check 50-miler 7/17/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting7/14/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/7/2008
MeetingPack Check7/2/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting6/30/2008
Service ProjectVFW Basement Work Party6/28/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/28/2008
TrainingTLT6/23/2008 - 6/24/2008
MeetingPhilmont Organization Meeting6/23/2008
MeetingPack Check6/19/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/19/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor6/16/2008
Special EventBrian's Eagle COH6/14/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/14/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/9/2008
MeetingPack Check6/5/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/2/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/31/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows5/26/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting5/26/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/24/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/17/2008
MeetingPack Check5/15/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting5/12/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/10/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/5/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/3/2008
MeetingPack Check5/1/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/1/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting4/28/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows4/28/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting4/21/2008
ChoreLawn mowing4/21/2008
MeetingPack Check4/17/2008
ChoreLawn mowing4/16/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting4/14/2008
ChoreRummage Sale- Setup4/11/2008
Special EventCharter Presentation4/9/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/7/2008
ChoreLawn mowing4/5/2008
Service ProjectVFW work project3/29/2008
ChoreLawn mowing3/29/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows3/24/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting3/24/2008
ChoreLawn mowing3/22/2008
Special EventBike clinic and Merit Badge review3/18/2008
ChoreLawn mowing3/15/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting3/10/2008
MeetingPack Check3/6/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/3/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting2/25/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows2/25/2008
ChoreRemodeling Gear Storage2/23/2008
MeetingPack Check2/21/2008
ChoreRemodeling Gear Storage2/18/2008
ChoreAdding Lights to the Awning2/18/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting2/18/2008
Special EventSnow Sports Merit Badge Class2/18/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting2/11/2008
MeetingNew Scout Orientation2/4/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/4/2008
Service ProjectVFW work project2/2/2008
RecruitingOpen House1/28/2008
ChoreRoofing Awning/Electical1/25/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting1/21/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows1/21/2008
ChoreScout Hall Cleanup1/19/2008
ChoreBuilding Awning1/19/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting1/14/2008
MeetingPack Check1/10/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/7/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor12/17/2007
MeetingPack Check12/13/2007
Special EventTroop Movie Night/Lock in12/8/2007 - 12/9/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting -CANX12/3/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting11/26/2007
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows11/26/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting11/19/2007
MeetingPack Check11/15/2007
MeetingPhilmont Kickoff11/12/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting11/12/2007
Special EventGame Night11/10/2007 - 11/11/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/5/2007
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting follows10/29/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/29/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/22/2007
MeetingEnvironmental Science MB10/22/2007
MeetingPack Check10/18/2007
Service ProjectPack 539 Webelos Camping Practice10/17/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/15/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/8/2007
MeetingPack Check10/4/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/1/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC9/24/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn mowing9/21/2007
MeetingPack Check9/20/2007
Special EventCourt of Honor9/17/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing9/10/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting9/10/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/3/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC8/27/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing8/18/2007
MeetingPack Check8/16/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting8/13/2007
MeetingPack Check8/9/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/6/2007
MeetingPack Check8/4/2007
Special EventTroop 412 Welcome Barbeque8/4/2007
TrainingTrail to First Class7/30/2007
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/28/2007
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/27/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing7/26/2007
Service ProjectMowing the Baseball Field7/26/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting7/23/2007
MeetingPack Check7/19/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting7/16/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing7/16/2007
Service ProjectDignity Vietnam Wall memorial 7/13/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting7/9/2007
MeetingPack Check7/5/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing7/2/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/2/2007
ChoreVFW Weed Prevention6/30/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/25/2007
MeetingPLC/Troop Meeting6/25/2007
TrainingTroop JLT6/25/2007
Special EventCharlie's Eagle Court of Honor6/21/2007
ChoreVFW Weed Control6/19/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting6/18/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/18/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/11/2007
MeetingPack Check6/7/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/4/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/3/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/26/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/19/2007
MeetingPack Check5/17/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/14/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting5/14/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/7/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/7/2007
MeetingPack Check5/3/2007
MeetingNew Scout Orientation (Part 2)4/30/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/28/2007
MeetingCommittee Vision and Goals Planning4/23/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting4/23/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/19/2007
MeetingPack Check4/19/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting4/16/2007
ChoreRummage Sale4/14/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/14/2007
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/13/2007
TrainingRound Table4/12/2007
Special EventCharter Presentation4/11/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/9/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/9/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing3/31/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing3/24/2007
Special EventFamily Life merit badge clinic3/19/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting3/19/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing3/17/2007
Special EventCourt of Honor3/12/2007
MeetingPack Check3/8/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/5/2007
Special EventNew Scout Orientation2/26/2007
Service ProjectScouting for Food - Pickup2/25/2007
Service ProjectScouting for Food - Distribution2/24/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting2/19/2007
MeetingPack Check2/15/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting2/12/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/5/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting1/15/2007
MeetingPack Check1/11/2007
RecruitingOpen House1/8/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/1/2007
ChoreScout Hall Cleanup12/30/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor12/11/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/4/2006
Notice13 week homework due for mini clinic12/4/2006
ChorePaint Party12/3/2006
Special EventLock-in12/2/2006 - 12/3/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting11/20/2006
MeetingPack Check11/16/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting11/13/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/6/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project10/29/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting10/23/2006
MeetingPack Check10/19/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting10/16/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project10/9/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting10/9/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project10/8/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project- shift 110/7/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project- shift 210/7/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/2/2006
MeetingPack Check9/28/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC9/25/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor9/18/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting9/11/2006
Special EventPersonal Management mini clinic9/11/2006
MeetingPack Check9/7/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/4/2006
MeetingPLC/Troop JLT8/28/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting/Pack Check8/21/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting8/14/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/7/2006
Service ProjectWhaling Days7/29/2006
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Decoration7/28/2006
MeetingPack Check7/27/2006
Fund RaiserRummage Sale7/22/2006
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup7/21/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting7/17/2006
MeetingPack Check7/13/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/3/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting6/26/2006
MeetingPack Check6/15/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting6/12/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/5/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting5/22/2006
MeetingPack Check5/18/2006
MeetingPack Check5/4/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/1/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting4/24/2006
MeetingPack Check4/20/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting4/17/2006
ChoreRummage Sale4/15/2006
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/14/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/10/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor3/20/2006
Service ProjectGood Turn for America3/19/2006
Service ProjectGood Turn for America3/18/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting3/13/2006
Special EventPack Check/Charter Presentation3/8/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/6/2006
MeetingPack Check2/23/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting2/20/2006
Special EventLock-in2/17/2006 - 2/18/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting2/13/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/6/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting1/30/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor1/16/2006
RecruitingOpen House1/9/2006
ChoreClean Scout Hall1/7/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/2/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting12/12/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/5/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting11/21/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting11/14/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting/Pack Check11/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting10/24/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting10/17/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting10/10/2005
MeetingPack Check10/6/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/3/2005
MeetingPack Check9/22/2005
Special EventCourt of Honor9/19/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/12/2005
MeetingPack Check8/25/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting8/22/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting8/15/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/8/2005
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/29/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting7/25/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/18/2005
Service ProjectLawn Cleanup7/8/2005
MeetingPack Check7/7/2005
Service ProjectLawn Cleanup7/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting6/27/2005
Special EventEagle COH for Phillip6/26/2005
MeetingPLC/Troop JLT6/20/2005
MeetingPack Check6/16/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting6/13/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/6/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting5/23/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting5/9/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/2/2005
MeetingPack Check4/28/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting4/25/2005
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/23/2005
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/22/2005
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/18/2005
MeetingPack Check4/14/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/11/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting3/28/2005
Special EventCourt of Honor3/21/2005
Special EventCharter Presentation3/9/2005
MeetingPack Check3/9/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting2/28/2005
MeetingPack Check2/10/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting1/31/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting1/24/2005
MeetingPack Check1/13/2005
RecruitingOpen House1/10/2005
ChoreClean Scout Hall1/8/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/3/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/6/2004
MeetingHoliday Party11/29/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting11/15/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting11/8/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/1/2004
MeetingPack Check10/21/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting10/18/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting10/11/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/4/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/13/2004
Service ProjectVFW Hall Concrete Work9/11/2004
MeetingPack Check9/2/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting8/30/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting8/23/2004
MeetingPack Check8/11/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting8/9/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/2/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip7/24/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting7/19/2004
MeetingPack Check7/8/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/5/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip7/5/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip7/3/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting6/28/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip6/26/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting6/14/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/7/2004
ChoreSpring Cleaning6/5/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting5/24/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting5/17/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting5/10/2004
MeetingPLC/Committee Meeting5/3/2004
MeetingPack Check4/29/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting4/26/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting4/19/2004
MeetingPack Check4/15/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/12/2004
Special EventVFW Tent Sale4/6/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting3/29/2004
Service ProjectScouting For Food Pickup3/27/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting3/22/2004
MeetingPack Check3/11/2004
ChoreVFW Cleanup3/9/2004
Special EventCourt of Honor3/8/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/1/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting2/23/2004
Service ProjectVFW Hall Moving Dirt2/18/2004
MeetingPack Check2/5/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting/Training2/2/2004
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic1/31/2004
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic1/24/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/12/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting12/8/2003
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/1/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting11/24/2003
MeetingPack Check11/13/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting11/10/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting/Committee Meeting11/3/2003
MeetingPack Check10/23/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting10/20/2003
NoticeHoliday - No Meeting10/13/2003
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/6/2003
MeetingPack Check9/25/2003
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/8/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting7/28/2003
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/26/2003
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Decoration7/25/2003
Service ProjectParking Lot Cleanup6/10/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2003
Special EventFlag Folding Ceremony3/4/2002
Special EventCourt of Honor3/5/2001
TrainingTroop JLT2/20/1999
MeetingTroop Meeting1/18/1999
MeetingSled Building1/17/1999
Special EventCourt of Honor9/10/1984

Sites List

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Admiral Theater  (1)
Alta Mountain
Bangor  (2)
Bangor Bowling Alley  (4)
Bangor Pool  (9)
Barnes & Noble  (1)
Barnes & Noble  (1)
Breidablik Hall  (3)
Breidablik Hall  (8)
Breidablik Hall  (1)
Breidablik Hall  (1)
Bremerton Airport  (3)
Bremerton Airport  (7)
Bremerton Convention Center  (3)
Bremerton Convention Center  (1)
Bremerton Elks Club  (1)
Bremerton High School  (6)
Bremerton High School  (14)
Bremerton Marina  (5)
Brownsville Elementary School  (22)
Brownsville Elementary School  (1)
Brownsville Elementary School  (1)
Brownsville Elementary School  (2)
Buffalo Wild Wings  (1)
Camp Yeomalt
Central Kitsap Junior High  (2)
Chico Alliance Church  (2)
Clear Creek Trail  (4)
Clear Creek Trail  (7)
Commanche Peak (Philmont)  (1)
Crossroads Community Church  (1)
Crossroads Community Church  (1)
Crossroads Community Church  (4)
Crystal Grange  (12)
Crystal Grange  (8)
Crystal Grange  (1)
Crystal Grange  (14)
Federal Way  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (4)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (97)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (2)
Florida Sea Base
Fort AP Hill  (1)
Fort Steilacoom
Fred Meyer
Gilberton Hall
Gluds Pond Road  (3)
Gravitec  (1)
Green Mountain  (16)
Green Mountain Horse Camp
Haggerty Household  (1)
Holy Trinity Catholic Church  (6)
Island Lake County Park  (1)
Island Lake County Park  (3)
Kitsap Conference Center  (3)
Kitsap Golf and Country Club  (2)
Lincoln Ave Bible Church  (1)
Los Cabos Restaurant  (193)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Madrona Park  (7)
Masonic Lodge  (1)
Mt Adams  (5)
Mt Adams  (5)
Mt Baker  (2)
Mt Buckhorn  (1)
Mt Buckhorn  (1)
Mt Buckhorn  (6)
Mt Ellinor  (2)
Mt Ellinor  (1)
Mt Ellinor  (15)
Mt Ellinor  (1)
Mt Gladys  (1)
Mt Phillips (Philmont)  (7)
Mt Rainier  (5)
Mt Rose  (1)
Mt Saint Helens  (3)
Mt Saint Helens  (4)
Mt Saint Helens Nat'l Monument  (2)
Mt Whitney  (1)
NAD Soroptimist Park  (1)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (18)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (9)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (1)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (3)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (1)
NEX Bangor  (2)
NEX Bangor  (7)
NEX Bremerton  (18)
North Kitsap High School  (2)
North Kitsap High School  (1)
Olympic Discovery Trail  (2)
Olympic High School  (1)
Olympic High School  (9)
Panera Bread  (1)
Peace Lutheran Church  (3)
Point No Point County Park  (1)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (1)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (24)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (15)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (7)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (1)
Poulsbo Lutheran Church  (1)
Poulsbo Middle School  (1)
Poulsbo Middle School  (1)
Poulsbo Sportsman Club  (5)
Raab Park  (3)
Raab Park  (1)
Raab Park  (4)
Raab Park  (1)
Raab Park  (1)
Rolling Hills Golf Course  (2)
Round Table  (1)
San Juan Islands  (1)
San Juan Islands  (6)
San Juan Islands  (4)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (1)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (2)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (2)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (14)
Shaefer's Peak (Philmont)  (1)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (6)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (5)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (5)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (256)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (12)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (18)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (1)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (1)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (5)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (1)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (5)
Silverdale Waterfront Park  (4)
Silverdale Waterfront Park  (1)
Skippers  (9)
Skippers  (3)
South Kitsap High School
St Antony's Episcopal Church  (7)
St Antony's Episcopal Church  (33)
Suquamish Reservation  (2)
Suquamish Reservation  (1)
The Brothers  (1)
The Brothers  (2)
Tillamook Air Museum  (1)
Tooth of Time (Philmont)  (1)
Tracyton Movie House  (1)
Trident Ball Room - Bangor  (2)
Tull Canyon  (4)
Tull Canyon  (1)
Ueland Tree Farm  (2)
University of Washington  (1)
USS Turner Joy  (7)
Vertical World  (10)
Vertical World  (1)
VFW Hall  (352)
VFW Hall  (488)
VFW Hall  (135)
VFW Hall  (1739)
VFW Hall  (55)
VFW Hall  (128)
VFW Hall  (410)
VFW Hall  (8)
VFW Hall  (87)
VFW Hall  (20)
VFW Hall  (367)
VFW Hall  (25)
VFW Hall  (2)
VFW Post 239
2 Margaritas Restaurant  (1)
7 Wells Stables  (1)
Coram Deo Church  (29)
Fiesta Mexican Restaurant  (23)
Kitsap Mall  (7)
Kitsap Mall  (2)
Manette Community Church  (1)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (9)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (1)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (1)
Mt Walker  (16)
North Seattle Community College  (5)
North Seattle Community College  (1)
Northwest Golf  (17)
Tracyton Cemetery  (130)
Tracyton Cemetery  (1)
Tracyton Cemetery  (1)
Westminster Chapel  (1)
   Bark Shanty  (4)
   Beaver Flats  (5)
   Beaver Flats  (1)
   Camp Handy  (8)
   Camp Handy  (1)
   Camp Jolley  (1)
   Deer Lake  (1)
   Dosewallips Falls  (26)
   Dosewallips Falls  (3)
   Dosewallips Falls  (10)
   Dosewallips Falls  (1)
   Dosewallips Falls  (1)
   Flapjack Lakes
   Gold Creek  (1)
   Grand Lake
   Gray Wolf  (5)
   Gray Wolf  (2)
   Humes Ranch  (3)
   Humes Ranch  (1)
   Milk Creek  (10)
   Milk Creek  (2)
   Moose Lake
   Murtle Lake  (4)
   Murtle Lake  (1)
   Murtle Lake  (3)
   Olympic Hot Springs  (6)
   Olympic Hot Springs  (4)
   Olympic National Forest  (38)
   Olympic National Forest  (10)
   Olympic National Forest  (21)
   Olympic National Forest  (9)
   Olympic National Park  (41)
   Olympic National Park  (8)
   Olympic National Park  (1)
   Olympic National Park  (1)
   Reflection Lake - Mt Rainier  (3)
   Ross Lake  (1)
   Silver Lakes  (8)
   Silver Lakes  (2)
   Third Beach  (10)
   Third Beach  (2)
   Tubal Cain Mine
   Upper Lena Lake  (5)
   White Pass Ski Area  (1)
BSA Camp
   Baker  (5)
   Baker  (3)
   Baker  (3)
   Buffalo Bill
   Cherry Valley
   Easton  (2)
   Easton  (5)
   Easton  (1)
   Easton  (10)
   Edward  (2)
   Edward  (5)
   Emerald Bay  (2)
   Emerald Bay  (3)
   Emerald Bay  (1)
   Emerald Bay  (5)
   Fife  (2)
   Fife  (1)
   Fire Mountain  (5)
   Fire Mountain  (3)
   Fire Mountain  (7)
   Hahobas  (2)
   Hahobas  (1)
   Hahobas  (1)
   Hahobas  (2)
   K-M Scout Ranch  (1)
   K-M Scout Ranch  (1)
   K-M Scout Ranch  (12)
   Makualla  (1)
   Melita Island
   Meriwether  (5)
   Meriwether  (11)
   Meriwether  (26)
   Parsons  (35)
   Parsons  (2)
   Parsons  (12)
   Parsons  (22)
   Parsons  (20)
   Parsons  (1)
   Parsons  (3)
   Parsons  (1)
   Pigott  (8)
   Pigott  (2)
   Pigott  (5)
   Pigott  (16)
   Pigott  (39)
   Pigott  (2)
BSA Camp- closed
   Black Mountain  (1)
   Black Mountain  (1)
BSA High Adventure Base
   Bechtel Summit  (1)
   Bechtel Summit  (1)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (10)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (1)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (1)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (13)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (1)
   Sheppard  (8)
   Sheppard  (18)
   Sheppard  (14)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (11)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (2)
   Northern Tier HAB
   Wells Gray Provincial Park  (2)
Car Camp
   Ape Cave  (3)
   Ape Cave  (1)
   Battle Point Park  (7)
   Battle Point Park  (2)
   Battle Point Park  (1)
   Beaver Bay  (1)
   Birch Bay Resort  (1)
   Birch Bay RV Campground  (3)
   Birch Bay State Park  (3)
   Blake Island State Park  (11)
   Blake Island State Park  (8)
   Blake Island State Park  (8)
   Dungeness Spit  (1)
   Dungeness Spit  (18)
   Eagle Creek Ranch  (8)
   Eagle Creek Ranch  (2)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (15)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (7)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (1)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (9)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (2)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (3)
   Fort Lewis  (4)
   Fort Worden State Park  (1)
   Hause Creek Campground  (1)
   Hidden Village RV Park & Campground  (1)
   Illahee State Park
   Indian Island  (13)
   Indian Island  (2)
   Indian Island  (7)
   Indian Island  (6)
   Indian Island  (10)
   KBH Archers  (15)
   KBH Archers  (5)
   KBH Archers  (3)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (7)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (112)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (10)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (3)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (1)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (4)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (12)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (3)
   Lake Leland  (3)
   Lilliwaup Creek Campground  (3)
   Lilliwaup Creek Campground  (1)
   Lower Falls Rec Area  (1)
   Manchester State Park  (2)
   Manchester State Park  (1)
   Merrill Lake
   Paradise Point State Park  (1)
   Port Gamble  (3)
   Port Gamble  (3)
   Port Gamble  (1)
   Port Gamble  (1)
   Quilcene Community Campground  (1)
   Rainbow Group Camp  (3)
   Rainbow Group Camp  (1)
   Sahara Creek DNR Camp  (8)
   Sahara Creek DNR Camp  (2)
   Salt Creek Rec Area  (6)
   Salt Creek Rec Area  (1)
   Scenic Beach State Park
   Schriebers Meadow- Mt Baker
   Sunrise Point  (1)
   Sunrise Point  (1)
   The Refuge  (3)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (20)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (5)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (4)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (1)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (31)
   Waketickeh Creek Club  (9)
   Waketickeh Creek Club  (2)
Cub Scout Camp
   Brinkley  (6)
   Thunderbird  (1)
   Thunderbird  (2)
Cub Scouts
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (9)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (3)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (1)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (5)
District BOR
   Cedar Glen Mobile Home Park  (5)
   Clear Creek Dentistry  (34)
   Windermere Realty, Silverdale  (6)
Girl Scout Camp
   Mt Si  (1)
   Mt Townsend  (2)
   Mt Townsend  (3)
Scouting for Food
   Bangor Commissary  (16)
   Safeway - East Bremerton  (4)