12/11/2009 (6:00 PM)  -  12/12/2009
VFW Hall
Because of the wedding going on upstairs- we need you to not arrive before 6:15-- and come to the downstairs entrance only-- we don't want to disturb the ceremony upstairs

There will be at least 2 TVs at the hall, but if you have one, bring it so we have enough for all 23 gamers-- I will bring one WII system- I am counting on several of you to bring your favorite systems

Bring $5 for the food (Pizza!), and I will be collecting on entrance (same for your cell phones- you may bring one but it goes in a box until the next day- this is a lock-in-- once in, you are in for the night--) with the numbers coming, we are going to be more crowded than usual- so please no cots for scouts--

Bring sleeping bag/clothes/etc.-- this is not a stay up all night event, so you will be going to bed at midnight--

Saturday AM is the VFW breakfast- they will be setting up around 0600 that morning- the cost is $5 for all you can eat so we won't be providing breakfast, instead bring an extra $5 and support the post--

Saturday AM is the Christmas tree sales and Flier distribution- so have your class A to put on for that event--

Should be a lot of fun---
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