11/13/2010  11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
VFW Hall
Wire up a single sensor to trigger all the light sensitive fixtures in the VFW Hall
Sweep Parking Lot
Restripe Parking Lot
Clean out the front ditches and landscape the area
Replace exterior non operationale Light fixtures and bulbs
To better optimize storage, we need some hanging racks in the outside shed to accommodate the yard tools
Trim shrubbery in front of hall
Repair both gates on ballfiels fence
Re-surface handicap ramp
Re-surface and reinforce front porch and stairs
Re-route gutter drain on Northwest corner of hall

Interior Upstairs
Re-stretch Carpet
Clean and sanitize bathrooms
Double Sink in the kitchen
Replace attic access ladder system
Fix chairs
Re-paint both bathrooms
Replace vanity in the Ladies Restroom
Move wireless access point to improve performance

Interior Downstairs
Replace the carpeting in the back hallway with the garage floor sealant as has been done in the bathroom
Fix toilet mount and clean & sanitize bathroom
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