10/21/2012  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
VFW Hall

Sweep down roof and spread TSP (Chris volunteered if it is dry, need attendant)

Clean out gutters (Chris volunteered if it is dry, need attendant)

Re-lamp motion lights above scout door and handicap ramp (or repair fixtures as required)

Replace front sign illumination light fixture (requires new fixture)

Clean out and stow items under back deck.

Remove / stow canoes from back of hall (Ill take mine home unless we find suitable stowage)

Clean and disinfect upstairs and downstairs bathrooms (PRIORITY)

Clean out and re-stow rear deck store room (Gary job)

Blow off parking lot (especially area near entrances)

Move bleachers from back of field to front area for more usable seating. (Growth for Eagle project)

Restack the woodpile and poles behind hall.

Front road trash sweep.
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